Top 9 Ideas for the perfect Top Knot!

Top 9 Ideas for the perfect Top Knot!

South African weather can be all over the place at times but what we do know for sure is that summer is always a killer! What a better way to get your hair out of neck then with a super cute, super trendy top knot!

We want to show you different ways of doing the ordinary, so we've compiled a list of our Top 9 ideas for the perfect Top Knot so you can stand out in the crowd this summer!

1. Add a scarf

Adding a scarf around your top knot instantly creates an element of chic and sophistication that can really help to spice up your outfit.

2. Twisted Top Knot 

Tried and tested! This super cute top knot looks as if you put tons of effort into it and the results are definitely dreamy!

3. The French Braid Top Knot

This one is pretty simple to create! Start with braiding the top of your hair in an inwards direction. Stop when you reach the point that you want your bun to start and tie a little elastic. Finish off by doing your knot and bam! All done and super pretty ♥

4. The Tiny Braid

Recreate this look by pulling out some hair once you have done your bun and then braid the hair. Pull on the braids to give some more volume and then wrap it around your top knot and bobby pin it in place. 

5. The Fun Bun

Adding curls to your bun really give it more dimension and fullness!

6. The Crisscriss Top Knot

Thank you Cosmo! For those days you want texture in your hair - this crisscross top knot works effortlessly!

7. Using hair chalk (or a colour strip!)

Add a pop of colour to an otherwise plain old top knot by using hairchalk (get your's here on special this month) or our super cute colour strips! Remember any purchase of our pink colour strip will be donated in full to the Cansa organization in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month ♥

8. The messy top knot

This is literally a life saver for ladies with fine hair. Added with your Clipinhair Extensions - you can create stunning volume!

9. The Reverse Frenchbraid Top Knot

We really love this one! It creates such a pulled together look. Hello date night!