Encouraging confidence since 2011.

Frontrow was born from the passion of making women feel good about themselves, for empowering them through boosting their confidence. We are a team driven by this passion, led by our bold and beautiful owner, Jeanne Pienaar. 

“About 7 years ago, I complimented my friend on her beautiful hair. She was positively radiating, but winked at me and said "Thanks, but it's not mine!". It was then that I learned about clip-in human hair extensions and saw how incredibly positive they make women feel about themselves. I subsequently travelled to China and met with five different suppliers at their factories. I decided on the second most expensive supplier, as I could see how well they cared for their team. I am still using that supplier and we have formed an excellent working relationship.

Being a woman myself, I know how empowered I feel when I look good. Sharing that feeling and helping other women feel good about themselves have become my passion, and the reason behind Frontrow Hair.”