5 Extension Myths Answered!

5 Extension Myths Answered!

In today’s blog we want to clear some air about our Frontrow extensions that you might have thought of or might have wondered about! There are some myths out there that might be at the back of your head or has originated from a lack of knowledge - we are here to bust those myths right out the door!

1. Hair Extensions will damage my original hair:

This, my dear friends is not a true statement! We can not vouch for all kinds of extensions but our Frontrow extensions are safe and secure. On the inside of our clips are tiny silicone pieces that provide you not only with support, but protection against your hair strands. The convenience with the clip-ins is that they are not permanently attached to your hair. You can put them in when you need them and easily take them out. As you don’t sleep with them, they are never going to be a constant strain on your hair. Our clip-ins will not affect your hair’s natural growth either! It grows as normally, without any negative effects from the extensions.

2. Human hair is gained from unethical methods:

We at Frontrow can guarantee that our hair is provided from a completely ethical source. To tell you the origin backstory - in certain cultures in India, the woman will make the pilgrim to the Holy Temples certain times of the year. To offer their appreciation to their gods and to ask for favour, they will shave their hair as a sacrifice to their gods. The temples will then collect the hair and when that hair is sold, the monies are used to fund schools and orphanages in the country. We pride ourselves in knowing our hair is sourced from ethical sources that only uses the money to give back to the country and will not source our hair from any one else to ensure the ethical standards and quality of our hair. So no, it’s not some crazy story!

3. It will be obvious that I am wearing extensions:

This is true, but also not true and not a bad thing one bit! Gone are the days where extensions were only used by celebrities because us regular girls are too afraid. If you have short hair one day and long hair the next, I can guarantee you the only reactions you will be getting is, WOW! Having the correct colour to match and the right thickness is all you need to create that flawless finish. If it is a drastic change, people will notice and you should wear it with pride! A woman’s hair is her crowning glory - you can get those gorgeous locks in just a few minutes!. For those ladies who are getting it just to add some volume, your gorgeous thick hair will be noticed and recognised by the most important person, you! It is the simplest confidence booster and you can finally recreate those beautiful hair do’s that you’ve just never been able to do before. Also having quality extensions which are worth every penny will give you the flawless results you’ve been wanting - major yay for that!

4. Extensions are only for those who want length:

This is not true at all! Extensions do WONDERS for volume. We can’t even begin to explain how many of our lovely ladies came in with baby fine hair and after adding just a few pieces, the difference was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Extensions are lovely to create extra volume in your hair and length as well if needed. Our extensions come in two different lengths but if it is just volume you are looking for, pop over to the salon to get your extensions razored to the length you prefer.

5. Extensions are hard to manage:

Again, we can’t speak for other hair extensions however our clip-ins are so so sooooo easy to manage! Our recommendations are quite simple, do not sleep with them to make sure it does not tangle as often (it is 100% human hair and as your hair tangles when you sleep, so will the clip-ins). To wash the clip-ins you would just wash them by hand in the basin, instead of struggling to wash them attached to your hair. It simply dries overnight. Our recommendations for the sulfate-free products you should use to wash them with are amazing for the extensions as well as your own hair as there are no chemicals in them so they are gentle and soft on hair- so double score! It is also really easy to put in those dreamy curls either while it is on a Hanger, instead of trying to put in the curls while they are clipped in your hair. Simply clip them in your own curled hair once you’re done adding the curls to the extensions! Make sure to use a good heat defensive spray whenever you apply heat on your own hair and your extensions to add that extra protection. There are other things you can do to take care of your extensions, but these few pointers are about as complicated as it gets. How simple!