How To Wash Your Extensions

How To Wash Your Extensions

If we had to scream one thing from the mountain tops, it would be, “Take care of your extensions!” You spent good money on them, we know, and we want them to last as long as possible for you.

To achieve long lasting ClipinHair extensions, the number one thing is to wash them properly, and a good wash includes using products that will help them maintain moisture. Typically, you should be washing your extensions every 10 to 15 wears, or when your extensions have a build up of products making them difficult to style.

Basically, don’t over wash them, but don’t let them go too long, either. More often than not, all you’ll need to do is air out your extensions using some argan oil to keep them smelling great and feeling soft. But, when it does come time to wash, proper technique is a must.

What you’ll need: A bowl or sink full of warm water, sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, and a hair strengthener or mask.

Step one: Dampen your ClipinHair Extensions in warm water. Then, apply your sulfate free shampoo in a downward motion. To do this, hold your extensions with one hand, and then use the other hand, full of product, to run your fingers through your extensions and spread the shampoo evenly.

Step two: Rinse the sulfate free shampoo by placing the extensions in the warm water, removing them, and then gently squeezing the extensions in a downward motion until the product is out of the hair.

Step three: Apply your sulfate free conditioner and leave the product in your extensions for at least 5 minutes before rinsing.

Step four: Rinse the conditioner in the same manner you rinsed the shampoo from your extensions.

Step five: Apply a hair strengthener or mask and leave it in your extensions for at least 10 minutes. For added results, try leaving it on your extensions overnight.

Step six: Rinse out the leave in strengthener or mask in the same way you rinsed the shampoo or conditioner. Continue to be gentle!

Step seven: Apply a leave in conditioner (we suggest one with Argan Oil, or you can just use Argan Oil for a similar affect). Brush using a soft comb or Tangle Teezer to keep your hair from breaking. We recommend brushing through each weft individually, starting at the bottom ends and working your way to the top (where the clips are).

Step eight: Hang each piece on your ClipinHair hanger over night to air dry so you can style it easily the next morning.

Head to our Hair Care page to shop for the products you need to maintain those gorgeous extensions of yours.