The Hair Reviver: Argan Oil

The Hair Reviver: Argan Oil

If there’s one thing we understand about hair, it’s that it can be complicated. We all have experiences in getting ready for a night out but dealing with frustrating frizz or fly away hair.

Our secret to smooth, shiny and sleek hair is our all-natural Argan Oil. Rich in Vitamin A, vitamin E and antioxidants, argan oil can really breathe some life into your hair on the days it’s feeling dry or when you just need it to smooth down and cooperate.

The best part is argan oil is completely safe to use on your natural hair as well as your ClipinHair extensions.

For use in your natural hair, just put a coin sized amount into your hands and rub them together before running your hands and fingers throughout your hair – either damp or dry. 

You can follow up this action by brushing through your hair with a soft-bristled comb or Tangle Teezer to continue to run the oil all throughout your hair. Then, simply style your hair! To allow your hair to moisturize overnight, try applying the argan oil before bed.

Argan oil is especially important when it comes to extending the life of your ClipinHair extensions because they are not attached to your scalp, and are therefore missing out on all the natural oils from your head that your normal hair benefits from.

On your extensions, run a coin sized amount of the argan oil through all eight pieces of your ClipinHair extension set and then comb through with your Tangle Teezer again. For thicker sets of extensions, like those between 160 and 220 grams, you may want to use more than a coin sized drop of argan oil to keep them properly hydrated.

We recommend doing this after wearing your extensions three times to keep them soft and smelling wonderful.

Then, pop in your extensions, style your hair, and get ready to take on the day!