Save Your Extensions: Use a Hanger

Save Your Extensions: Use a Hanger

You’ve spent weeks saving up money, researching hair extensions and trying to find the best color, thickness and style that work for you. Now, you’re wanting to make sure those beauties stay pristine for as long as possible.

Taking quality care of your ClipinHair extensions is key when you want them to last as long as possible and look as great in your hair one year from now as they did the first day. This is why we’re big advocates for our ClipinHair hanger.

Rather than keep your ClipinHair extensions in the box they come in or risking losing them by just keeping them on your vanity or in your bathroom, the hanger allows you to keep your extensions organized and all in one place.

Plus, by keeping your extensions on a hanger you will save yourself space. You can hang your extensions over a mirror or even inside your cupboard to store them when you are not wearing them. Simply lay your extensions flat onto your hanger and pull the silver hook close.

When you’ve washed your extensions, the hanger is a way to let them air dry without laying them on a towel and taking up space again.

It can become a tad difficult trying to either straighten or curl the Clipins if they aren't already clipped onto your hair. To style them before clipping them in, simply hook your hanger, containing the Clipins, onto any surface that will allow it, and you can style your extensions with ease using both your hands.

Just don’t forget to use our Heat Defensive Spray anytime you use heat on your extensions for extra protection and to keep them moisturized.

To top it all off, by hanging your ClipinHair extensions you’ll prevent them from getting tangled, meaning less brushing and a longer lifespan.