Beginner's Guide to Buying Clip-In Extensions


So, you’ve been thinking of purchasing some Clip-in Extensions for some time now, but just aren’t sure where to start? Have no fear, that’s why we’re here!

You need to consider these three things:


Most of our 50cm extension sets are offered in three thickness options: 120 grams, 160 grams and 220 grams. If you have very fine hair, we suggest trying the 120 gram sets. This will add more volume and length to your hair, but keep it looking natural.

160 grams are our most popular sets and typically work in all hair types, but are especially great for those with medium hair. For those looking for that celebrity-style, wow factor thickness, 220 gram sets are your answer. If you also don’t want to wear all of the wefts simultaneously, the 220 gram set would be perfect, as each weft is thicker than the 160 gram set, which means you can save the thinner wefts to wear at a later stage. The 220gram sets are our second best sellers.

We regularly have clients exchange their 120gram sets for 160 gram sets, or even 220gram sets. We understand that sometimes your budget only allows for the 120gram set, but we also want the hair to work for you and enhance your appearance, not just fade away in between your own hair. If you are uncertain of which set to choose, email us a picture of the back of your hair and we’d be happy to make the perfect recommendation.


The extensions come in one length, 50 cm (or 20”). Here is a picture showing you where they will hang. These extensions are 160 grams in thickness:


If you feel that they will be too long, you can always have them trimmed. If you would like a very long set of 60 cm, we can order a set for you, but it will take a week extra.

What color?

This is a loaded question, because we have SO many options for you to choose from! Do you want to have an ombre look with your extensions? What about colored extensions you can pop in occasionally for added flair? Looking to keep it natural instead with the color that is closest to your current shade?

If you want our opinion, you can always send us a photo of the back of your hair in outside, natural light to From that photo we can make a recommendation.

If you’re confident to make the decision by yourself, we suggest choosing the darker or dominant color found in your natural hair. Additionally, we have a blog post that more deeply explains each ClipinHair Extension color. You can view it here.

If you do choose the wrong color, you may return it with the quality seal (the golden ties) unbroken and we’ll send you another shade - easy peasy.

Not finding what you want?

Here at ClipinHair, we’re dedicated to making sure you feel drop dead gorgeous in your extensions. It’s why we don’t shy from custom orders. Email and let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll send you a price. Custom orders can be more expensive and take longer to ship, but knowing what you want and getting exactly that, is so worth it.

With the basics down, you’re now ready to shop 'til you drop!


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