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Matching Hair Colour with Your Eye Colour

They say eyes are the windows to the soul. This makes it important to choose the perfect hair colour that will make our eyes pop, by emphasising their shade and complementing their beauty. Herein lies the beauty of our clip-in hair extensions, you can pick the perfect shade for you - and your eyes - without having to dye or alter your natural hair!

You can really make your eyes pop by simply framing them with the right colour. Try it for yourself and see how these easy, yet effective, tips will work wonders for you and create an amazing look…

Brown Eyes

Brown hair and brown eyes are generally a winning combo. You can use the shade of your brown eyes to dictate which colour brown to go for, whether it be chocolate brown, dark brown or brown black.

Those with lighter brown eyes and fairer skin should generally stick to lighter shades. If you really want to make your eyes pop, you can opt for a beautiful Chestnut Brown. With a warm golden blonde hue, it is the perfect companion for those light brown eyes.

Image of Frontrow hair extensions in chestnut brown colour

If your eyes are dark brown and velvety, go for a Chocolate Brown or Dark Brown to complement them.

The best thing about brown eyes - they match beautifully with this summer’s hottest style - the beautiful Mixed Toffee. Our Mixed Toffee is a best seller with various shades of blonde that catch the sunlight perfectly, making it a perfect match to those with dark brown eyes. 

Blue Eyes

Lucky you! Those with blue eyes have a wide variety of choices when it comes to hair colour. Blondes, light browns and deep reds all tend to look good on those with piercing blue eyes.

To achieve the most natural look, take your skin tone into account too. If you have fair skin - our Light Blonde, Mixed Blonde and Chestnut Brown will suit you best.

Image of woman with blue eyes and blonde hair

Those of you with medium to darker skin tones - opt for richer and deeper colours. Such as our Chestnut Brown, Dark Brown and Brown Black.

If you want to go blond pure blonde and are looking for a vibrant but slightly cooler shade, try our Ash Blonde.

Image of Frontrow ash blonde clip-in hair extensions against pink background

Green Eyes

Those of you with green eyes need to be careful about which hair colour you go for. Always take your skin tone into consideration, as it will greatly affect how natural you’ll look after you’ve dyed your hair.

Those with dark, tan and olive skin tones should stick to Dark Brown or Jet Black. This will complement your features and make your green eyes pop with colour!

If you have a pink undertone to your skin, opt for Chestnut Brown, Mixed Toffee or Mixed Blonde. These will serve as a natural-looking companion to your lighter skin.

Image of woman with green eyes wearing Frontrow chestnut brown clip-in hair extensions

If you have pale, clear skin, the world of colour is yours for the taking - you should be able to go for anything from Dark Brown to Light Blonde. 

Hazel Eyes

You are one of the lucky ones, you have so many options - choices, choices, choices!

The final choice all depends on which shade of your eye colour you want to highlight.

If you’re looking to give your eyes a warm golden glow, opt for a Mixed Blonde, Light Blonde or Ash Blonde. These will bring out the blue and green hues in your eyes, great for that light-hearted summer look and feel. 

Mixed Toffee, Chestnut Brown and Chocolate Brown will bring out the flecks of green and gold in your eyes, a beautiful combination that looks natural and effortless.

While Dark Brown, Brown Black and Jet Black will give your eyes that stormy blue, grey appearance - perfect for that chic, sophisticated look. 

Important to remember… 
When choosing a hair colour, don't forget to take your own personal style and feel into consideration. Your hair is just a piece of the puzzle, complete the image of what goes with the hair…

The more comfortable you feel in your own skin and hair, the more confident you will be!

Image of two women wearing Frontrow clip-in hair extensions