8 Hair Mistakes you might be making

8 Hair Mistakes you might be making

Doing the research for this list leads me to one conclusion.. Almost EVERYONE makes these mistakes. It’s very easy to get into a bad habit - thinking you’re doing the right thing or that it’s not important. Read on to see if you’re guilty of any of them so that you can stop it in it’s tracks and get the GORGEOUS, healthy hair that you deserve!

  • Styling too much hair at once: Firstly, “guilty!”. It happens so easily, you’re in a rush or just not in the mood to deal with your glorious mane and you just want to get DONE! Resulting in you taking huger sections to dry or straighten. Conclusion - BAD HABIT! Take a note from your busy salons, they still take the time to section off the correct amount of hair and style accordingly and this will result in an overall better look, more polished and less harmful as you won’t be trying to put so much heat on that big section in order to get it dried.

  • Using the incorrect products: Do you know your hair texture? Most of us do not. What you might consider thick might just be curly, etc. So you begin to use hair products to treat the kind of hair you assume you have. Ask your hairdresser at your next visit to tell you what your hair type really is and to recommend the correct products for it. Treating your hair is wonderful, but treating it for a problem it does not have will yield negative results.
    • Not getting your hair trimmed regularly: You must hear this all the time but it’s a fact not to be missed. Getting your regular 6 - 8 week trim can do wonders to helping your hair grow beautifully, getting it healthy and giving it an overall refreshed look. Take the time and get it trimmed, thank me later!

    • Over-washing your hair: Do not, I repeat, do not wash your hair everyday unless you have a very oily scalp that does not last through the day. Daily washing takes away from your scalp secreting it's natural sebaceous oils, which helps to give your hair it’s proper oils from root to tip. If you are feeling a little bit oily, opt for a dry shampoo brush through instead of washing away all your hair’s nutrients!
    • Bleaching incorrectly: Some of us can relate. The dreaded orange hue that we just can’t seem to get rid of. Not only is bleach so harmful to your hair, but done incorrectly and left on for the incorrect timing will have you ending up with fried strands that splits for days! Make the wiser choice and opt to have the bleaching done by a professional who can also help you to achieve the colour result you are intending.

    • Not cleaning your hair styling tools: Everything from your brush, to your flat iron requires a clean often. Using uncleaned tools, which has gathered dead hair, product buildup and who knows what germs on your tools. Make sure you wash your brushes at least once a week and that you clean through your heated style tools with a damp paper towel.

    • Brushing too hard: Forcefully brushing through those knots until they out and your hair is all over the floor is not the way to go. Neither is brushing your hair while it’s wet. Excessive brushing just removes more strands than we should be averagely losing it, which is already about 100 - 150.
    • Not using Heat Protection Spray: Would you fry an egg in a pan without some oil? It would burn the egg right? So why, oh why, would you apply heat to your hair without some protection! Make sure to use heat protection spray whenever you apply heat to your to avoid your hair from frying, drying and splitting apart.
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