Get longer hair faster

Get longer hair faster

There is nothing better than having your own long, flowing hair, but for many of us it just seems to take forever to get it to that desired length and condition. These 5 natural remedies and guidelines will help you to get your hair to where you want it, and while you are working on that there’s Clipinhair of course!

1. As counterintuitive as it may seem, trimming your hair while trying to grow it out is possibly the easiest way to help your hair grow faster. While your hair does grow from the root, if you don’t take care of your ends, you’re going to have hair that looks frayed and brittle - and even worse - breaks easily. By trimming about 1.5cm off every 8 weeks, your hair will not just grow, it will look and feel healthy too! 

2. Treating your hair weekly to a combination of a natural hair treatment and a scalp massage is a sure way to help your hair grow faster. The treatment will feed and moisturise your hair, which is vital for its growth; while the scalp massage will help stimulate your hair follicles, which in turn helps encourage growth! Why not try our tried and tested natural treatment for hair and give yourself a solid 5 minute head massage this weekend!

3. Water is often referred to as the nectar of the Gods - with good reason. It really has so many natural benefits to being drunk daily. An average of 6 - 8 glasses (1.5L - 2L) of water daily will not only make your body feel great, but your hair will get stronger, as it naturally flushes out the toxins that could be weakening your hair. The stronger your hair, the faster it grows - so drink up!

4. You are what you eat - and hair, skin and nails always near the brunt of a bad diet. A bad diet could adversely affect on your hair's ability to grow. You should be eating plenty of protein rich foods and green veggies to optimize healthy hair. Try and include a portion of protein with every meal and you’ll see the results in your hair!

5. Finally, make sure you’re getting your vitamins. Vitamins A, C and B12 are vital for your hairs growth, and a lack of them in your system could explain why your hair is just refusing to grow, or why it’s super brittle and keeps on breaking! If you’re already taking a multivitamin supplement, give it a boost by adding to that a good hair and nails vitamin - this will do the trick and help your body produce long strong and healthy hair.