The Ultimate DIY Hair Mask

The Ultimate DIY Hair Mask

When life gets super stressful, hectically busy or even just chocka-bloc with social events, it can take a heavy toll on your hair; leaving it dull and lifeless looking and neglected. But never fear - we've found the miracle pick-me-up mask that specifically targets tired and stressed hair! We're super excited to share it with you and are sure you'll love it! If you do - comment below and share your results with us!

The Miracle Egg & Yoghurt Hair Mask

The combination of the protein from the egg and milk fats, which contain lactic acid, from the yoghurt is what makes this mask so phenomenal. Egg itself is really fantastic for one's hair as it contains moisturising proteins and cleansing enzymes which remove the dulling films around each strand and gives the hair a vibrant shine. The milk proteins in the yoghurt moisturise and soften the hair, while the lactic acid strengthens each strand. Both promote hair growth.

So let’s get on with making our hair mask:


♥ 1 Egg
♥ ¼ cup Plain Yoghurt
♥ ¼ cup Mayonnaise


♥ Beat the egg until it’s foamy.
♥ Add the yoghurt and mayonnaise and mix well.
♥ Massage the mixture into dry hair and massage into your scalp.
♥ Place a plastic shower cap over your hair or create a plastic wrap with clingwrap.
♥ Allow to infuse for up to an hour.
♥ Rinse thoroughly with cool water.
♥ Style as normal and off you go!

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