How to salvage your hair before and after a workout!

How to salvage your hair before and after a workout!

Whether you’re hiking in the mountains or breaking a sweat on the treadmill, we all know that by the end of that workout our hair is definitely not going to look the same as it did when we started.Or is it? We’ve asked our haircare experts to share their TOP tips to having fabulous hair during and after your workout.

1. Prep your hair...Do this by sprinkling baby powder on the roots of your hair (never on the ends) before your workout. This will prevent moisture transferring from your scalp to the rest of your hair.

2. Avoid Elastics...While elasticated hair-ties may feel like they’re giving you the most secure hold, they are also causing damage to your hair, and you’ll be sure to find a lovely kink in your hair afterwards. Yay. Rather use bobby pins, fabric ties or ideally the amazing EZ Bobble to firmly secure your pony.


3. Dab during and after...Keep a sweat towel handy to dab your hairline during your workout. this will help prevent the moisture from seeping into your hair, and creating unwanted waves and frizz.

4. Follow your hair...Wear your hair in a 'do' that will enhance it’s natural style - so if you have wavy hair plait it to ensure you have loose, manageable waves after your workout. If you have straight hair, a loose pony, or bun tied up with the EZ Bobble, or bobby-pins should do the trick.

5. Dry shampoo is your friend…It will instantly give your hair a voluminous boost, as well as make it feel and smell like you’ve just stepped out the shower! We’re huge fans of sulfate free products - like REF Dry Shampoo!


6. Add some shine...After your workout. If your ends are feeling dry or have that scraggly appearance to them, add a little bit (half a spritz) of Argan oil infused REF Shine Spray. Your hair will look and feel sleek and healthy in moments!


Follow these quick ande easy steps and you'll never have a bad (hairday) workout again!