Before and after image of blending Frontrow clip-in hair extensions


Have you just bought a set of clip-in hair extensions and now much to your dismay you are struggling to get them to look natural and blend in with your own hair?

Hair extensions will make you feel absolutely gorgeous if you apply them correctly, but can leave you feeling rather disheartened if you struggle to blend them in with your own hair. But don't fret, Frontrow is here to help!

Here are a few tips to achieve natural looking hair extensions:

Your haircut

Let’s first address the most common haircut that is difficult to blend with hair extensions. One of the most difficult hairstyles to blend in with hair extensions is a blunt cut. Now it's not impossible and there are ways to blend the extensions, however it is more difficult to do so with a blunt cut. If you choose to stick with your blunt cut, that's great! But if you're struggling to achieve a natural blend, perhaps look into different haircut styles. 

Cutting layers

An easy solution is to cut some layers into your own hair. If you are not keen on layering your hair, then I recommend at least having the very top layer of your hair that sits on top of the extensions blended at the ends using a razor, so you don’t have a clear distinguished line between your own hair and the extensions.

Cutting the extensions

Hair extensions often need to be cut into a style that matches your own hair, take them to a hairdresser you really trust and ask them to cut them into a style that suits your hair. 

You may also want to consider feathering the hair extensions in the front, this helps to blend the extensions in with your bangs and will also make short hair peaking out from underneath the extensions a lot less obvious.