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We're always looking for great beauty tips and tricks, especially ones that we can do at home with natural ingredients! We've found the perfect smoothie recipe to combat dry hair and we think you'll love it. As you probably know by now, we are extremely passionate about hair and offer affordable, good quality hair extensions and we are always on the hunt to find other affordable and effective ways to look after your hair. Instead of spending a fortune on expensive hair treatments, we did a lot of research and we discovered these great ingredients to create the perfect moisturising treatment for your hair. While a set of Frontrow’s gorgeous hair extensions can hide damaged, dull looking hair, why not get your own hair looking and feeling amazing too with this new treatment?

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The ingredients are all things most of you will have in your kitchen already, so let’s get started:


Step One: Parsley

Grind a handful of parsley into a paste and add a tbsp of water, blend until a smooth puree is achieved. Place the puree into a jar if you are using a hand held blender or place straight into your blender. The benefits of parsley for your hair: Parsley is known to reduce hair loss from stress or illness. It also disinfects and creates a healthy scalp which in turn aids hair growth.

Step Two: Banana

Cut one ripe banana into slices, ready to place into your blender. The benefits of banana for your hair: Banana is rich in natural oils, potassium and carbohydrates. Banana protects the hair’s natural elasticity and in so doing prevents split ends and breakage. It can also control dandruff and gives the hair a gorgeous natural shine. The vitamins in banana give your hair strength and will add volume to limp hair. 

Step Three: Avocado

Cut half an avocado into small pieces ready to place into your blender. 

The benefits of Avocado for your hair: Avocado oil contains many proteins and vitamins. It prevents split ends by treating dry hair naturally. It can make dull looking hair look soft and shiny and treats a dry and itchy scalp. Avocado can treat dandruff and control frizzy hair because of the moisturising properties.

Step Four: Coconut Milk

Pour 50ml of coconut milk into your mixture The benefits of coconut milk for your hair: It heals scalp disorders such as dermatitis. Reduces hair fall and hair breakage. It can stimulate hair growth. Creates soft and supple hair. Coconut milk can reduce premature greying of the hair because it penetrates the hair so well, it is also a very good moisturiser. 

Step Five: Lavender Oil

Add a teaspoon (5ml) of lavender oil to your mixture The benefits of lavender oil for your hair: Lavender oil regulates blood circulation and promotes hair growth, it hydrates the scalp and treats dandruff. It can also repel lice and treat some types of alopecia. It is the main ingredient used in most beauty products on the market because of its healing properties.

Step Six: Plain Yoghurt

Add a tbsp (15ml) of plain yoghurt to your mixture. The benefits of yoghurt for your hair: Yoghurt is an anti-fungal to treat dandruff. It tames frizzy hair. Adds shine to dull and dry looking hair by replacing lost moisture. It can reduce hair fall and promotes hair growth due to lactic acid and zinc.

Step Seven: Coconut Oil

Add a tbsp (15ml) of Coconut Oil to your mixture. The benefits of coconut oil for your hair: It is rich in vitamins and minerals. Coconut oil has been used for ages to treat hair loss. It reduces protein loss in damaged hair and repairs hair. Promotes strong and conditioned hair. Coconut oil has good anti-dandruff properties, can be used as a styling gel or cream and makes hair easier to comb. Furthermore it treats split ends and treats boils on the scalp.

Using the mask:

Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until a smooth mash of the ingredients is created. Massage this into your scalp and lengths of your hair and leave it for more or less 30 minutes. Wrap your head in plastic clingfilm.

Rinse the treatment thoroughly under lukewarm water and wash with the Frontrow moisturising shampoo. Apply conditioner and rinse after 5 minutes. Repeat this treatment once a week for best results. You can freeze the leftover treatment for use the following week. 

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