Have you noticed that some hairstyles just look better on blonde hair for some reason? Well, there are some hairstyles that look absolutely stunning on Dark hair. So if you are a brunette beauty wondering how to style your gorgeous dark locks for that special event, you have landed in the right place

Length and Volume

There is something sexy and mysterious about a woman with dark flowing locks. Through our research we noticed that the sexiest of these were those who added some volume through teasing at the roots, particularly at the crown and added additional length and volume at the ends of the hair with a set of hair extensions.

Side Parting

A neat and tidy side parting creates a dapper vintage look for any gorgeous brunette. Heavy side parted  dark and sultry bangs, gently falling across one eye adds to your mystery and intrigue. Using the tail end of hair styling combs are a great way to create a perfect looking side parting.

Sombre Hair

If you are like me and really suit dark hair, but every now and again would like to delve into the world of “blondes have more fun” why not lighten up the ends of your hair? I like the new Subtle Ombre effect, where the transition from dark to light is more natural looking, while still giving you great dimension in you upstyles and braids. Our client below used our Balayage extensions to create this gorgeous effect. Adding highlights to the pieces of hair that frame the face is also recommended.

Wavy Hair

Whether it is perfectly styled, shiny looking, waves you like or natural, tousled looking curls, dark hair looks gorgeous when it is curled. Plait your hair in two side french plaits while it is damp and leave to dry for a few hours for a natural bohemian look, otherwise use a set of curling tongs to create gorgeous looking shiny curls. I recommend voluminous side partings for dark curly hair, it really adds to the sexiness.

Straight Hair

Yes there is definitely a way to wear dark hair straight. Especially if your hair is healthy and shiny, this one is for you. Use a flat iron to get the hair as straight and smooth as possible, finish off with a silicone serum for extra shine. I always think dark, straight hair looks beautiful and sophisticated with a strong middle parting. The model below is wearing a set of our Jet Black extensions. 

If you are keen to give some of the ideas above a try and need some extra length and volume, why not have a look at our range of DIY clip-in hair extensions? They are a damage-free and comfortable way to add gorgeous length and thickness to your natural hair.

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