The 7 best tips for growing out your hair

Growing out a short hairstyle can be a frustrating time. Your hair is stuck between cute crop and lusciously long, and it can be super tempting to give it the chop. We know the feeling of middle-of-the-road ‘meh’, but stop stressing – your hair is going to grow out! You just need a little patience and these proven tips to help it get there that much faster.

Eat lots of protein

Because your hair is essentially made up of protein, skimping in this department can slow down the production of collagen and even stunt the growth of your hair. Aim to eat at least 20 to 30 grams of protein at every meal.

Bulk up on vitamin B

Biotin, one of the B vitamins, helps to boost the health of your skin, hair and nails by promoting collagen production. You’ll find it in fish, eggs, leafy greens, seeds and nuts so start including these in your diet.

Cool it with the heat styling

Excessive use of hairdryers, straightening irons and other heat products can lead to breakage, which slows hair growth. Skip washes if you’re staying home and try to let your hair dry naturally from time to time. Also try to limit how much you tug, brush and vigorously style your locks.

Avoid sugar, caffeine and alcohol

These three hair horrors are the worst thing for growing follicles, as they can break down collagen at a rapid rate and lead to hair breakage and even pimples. Cut them out as far as possible and drink plenty of water to keep your hair glossy and thick.

Stop washing daily

Every time you wash your hair, you risk breakage (through vigorous scrubbing, scrunching or brushing), and you’re also drying out your follicles. Keep the washing to a minimum and if you’re trying to grow your hair out, try to skip a day between washes at the very least.

Deep condition

The more you nourish your hair, the faster it’s likely to grow. Coconut oil works like magic when it comes to conditioning your hair, as do other natural products like avocado and egg whites. Make your own hair mask at home or invest in a good quality, oil-based treatment from your salon.

Treat wet hair gently

Never drag or tug your hairbrush through wet hair, as it’s bound to lead to breakage. If you must comb your hair when wet, use a good de-tangling spray and brush or comb it as gently as possible. Protecting the hair you already have is key to getting longer locks faster.

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