There are loads of myths surrounding healthy hair. Here we bust 5 of the biggest healthy hair myths to help you keep your tresses in tip top shape

Want healthy hair? Avoid these 5 major hair myths. When it comes to keeping your tresses in perfect condition, you’ve probably heard more tall tales than there are hairs on your head! Here, we bust five of the biggest healthy hair myths to help you save your hair from unnecessary damage and restore it to health.

Myth #1: Frequent trims make your hair grow faster How many times have you heard this one? We’ve lost count. Cutting the ends of your hair doesn’t affect the follicles in your scalp in any way, according to professors at the University of California. A mini trim every eight to 12 weeks will rid your hair of split ends – the real culprit when it comes to hair that looks thinner at the ends (and therefore shorter).

Myth #2: If you keep using the same shampoo, it will stop being effective Good news for creatures of habit: this well-worn ‘truism’ is actually totally false, so you can keep lathering up with your favourite cleanser for as long as you like. The only time you need to switch up your shampoo is if you colour your hair, increase your use of heat styling tools or experience dandruff or dry scalp.

Myth #3: Rinsing your hair with cold water makes it look shinier Confession time: do you blast yourself with icy water in the shower because you’ve heard it makes your hair glossier? Thankfully, you can breathe a (warm) sigh of relief: it’s not actually true. If you want shiny tresses, use conditioners or styling products that contain oils and silicone to smooth the cuticles of your hair. This is what makes it appear shinier.

Myth #4: You should brush your hair 100 strokes a day This myth can actually do more harm than good. Not only does over-brushing cause damage and hair breakage, but it can also aggravate your scalp and lead to lustreless, frizzy hair. Plus, it doesn’t increase your hair’s shininess or boost its growth – these, too, are fables. Brush your hair only as much as necessary, using a wide-toothed comb or paddle-brush with ball-tipped, plastic bristles. Avoid boar and other natural bristles – due to their unevenness, they can be harsh on your hair and scalp.

Myth #5: Shampooing less often leads to less oil being produced by your scalp According to doctors, your scalp produces the same amount of oil regardless of how often you wash your hair. Reducing the frequency of shampooing doesn’t affect the activity of the sebaceous glands that produce oil – your genes and hormones do. However, dirty hair can cause irritation and inflammation around the follicles, which could stunt their growth. When it comes to frequency of shampooing, experts agree that you should use your judgement and wash it as and when necessary using a moisturising shampoo.

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