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If you’re the owner of fine, flat hair, you’ll know how much of a mission it can be to give it a bit of body. If you’ve tried everything from crimping to curlers, mousses and even perms, you’ll know just how frustrating it can be – and we feel your pain.

Below, we’ve gathered the very best tips for giving your hair some much-needed bounce. Trust us, they work!

1. Keep it clean

It sounds gross, but the oiler your hair, the heavier it is – and the more it’s likely to hang limply against your head. Not a good look! Wash it when it needs some refreshing, focusing on the roots to keep it light and bouncy.

2. Unconditional love

We know you love to pamper your hair, and nothing says ‘luxury’ quite like a nourishing conditioner. But before you squeeze that bottle, consider this: conditioners can weigh down your hair, which is a big no-no for limp hair. If your hair is thin, it's better to only condition the ends of your hair.

3. Sleep it off

Limp-haired ladies should never go to bed with wet hair. It’s likely to leave you with weird kinks and curls which can only be removed with a straightening iron – which makes your hair even limper! Make sure your hair is dry before you get your beauty sleep.

4. Get acrobatic

You may feel a bit silly blow-drying your hair upside down, but believe it or not, it works. Add a touch of volumizing mousse, then apply heat to your crown, with your head turned upside down, to give the roots a vibrant boost!

5. Say ‘no’ to product overload

The more products you use, the more you’ll weigh down your hair, so don’t believe the tales on the labels – find one good product and stick to it or use a high quality styling tool to achieve the look you want without overloading on product. 

6. Fake it ‘til you make it

Good quality hair extensions, like those made from real human hair, can be styled just like regular hair – plus they blend into your real hair so well, no one will know your secret. Try the luscious clip-in hair extensions from Frontrow and within minutes, you'll have the thick and voluminous hair you've always dreamed of!

7. Spray away

If you’re curling or up-styling your hair, use a firm-hold hairspray to maintain the look. For straight hair, a light texturising spray, used sparingly, can help lift your hair without causing heaviness.