A new season means a new style, and a cut is a great way to inject freshness into your look. For many women, this also means trying out a celeb-style fringe – but when it comes to hairstyles with bangs, there are a few things that nobody tells you until it’s too late!

Luckily you’ve got us to reveal the top things you need to know before you cut a fringe – because once you go bangs, there’s no going back! (well, for a few months anyway).

1. It’ll take a while for your fringe to settle. Your hair is used to growing in a certain direction – say, backwards from the roots, with a centre path. A fringe forces it to grow downwards without a path. It’s going to take your locks a little while to get the memo – so don’t freak out when they stick up in random directions just a few days after being cut. Tip: train your hair by blow-drying your fringe every night and sleeping with a thick elastic headband over it at night.

2. Fringes are high maintenance. There’s no ‘get up and go’ with a fringe. You will be required to style it every day if you want it to look even half decent – so if you’re into a no-nonsense kind of beauty routine, a fringe might not cut it for you.

3. You can fake it. If you love the idea of a fringe but you’re scared of taking the plunge, you can use FrontRow clip in hair extensions to create natural-looking bangs in just minutes. That means you can model the look whenever the mood takes you – and not when it doesn’t! Here’s a quick tutorial on how to create a fringe using clip in hair extensions. So clever!

4. The fringe in your head isn’t always the fringe on your head. The way your fringe turns out depends on the type of hair you have, its thickness and its texture, as well as whether your hair is curly, wispy, wavy or straight. This means that while you might be dreaming of Zoe Deschanel’s perfect bangs, what you actually get is Justin Bieber’s forehead mop.

5. You may have to change your make-up and accessories.

Cutting a fringe changes the shape of your face, and it means you may have to switch-up your make-up choices as a result. Dark, smoky eyes might clash with a thick, dark fringe, while heavy-rimmed spectacles may turn you from sexy secretary into dowdy librarian. Play around with your eye make-up to strike the right balance, and bear in mind that cat-eye shaped glasses work best with straight, thick fringes.

Test the look before taking the plunge

You can get a brand-new look for spring without taking a long trip to Bangs-ville. Simply invest in a set of clip in hair extensions  and you can rock the fringed look at the drop of a hat. Applying and removing them takes just minutes, and it gives you ultimate style flexibility for any season.

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