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This hair tutorial will show you how to create a DKNY inspired chain braid.The braid might look a bit complicated, but I will be showing you just how simple it is.

For this hairstyle you will need:

*A paddle brush

*Small elastics that you can get from Clicks

*And of course your set of Frontrow clip-in hair extensions, I used my Chestnut Ombre 220gram set.

As with every hairstyle we will start by brushing our hair thoroughly. Once you’ve brushed out all of the tangles you are going to brush the top of your hair back and all the hair to one side. Next you will need to split your hair into two sections and you will be starting with the bottom section so you can throw the top section back so it doesn’t get in the way. Then you will need to split the bottom section into two pieces again and twist each section separately to the right and twist the two sections over each other to the left. Once you have reached the end of your hair you can secure this section with a small elastic and move on to the top section. Now you can do exactly the same to the top as you did to the bottom. I am taking out my bangs afterwards, you can leave yours out before you start braiding or just include them is the braid, which ever you prefer. Next you are going to wrap the two separate braids over each other towards your face, the top section will be going over the bottom section first. Once you have secures your chain braid with an elastic your look is complete.