Differences between synthetic & human hair extensions

If you’re looking for a great way to transform your look, you can’t go wrong with hair extensions. But when it comes to choosing between synthetic and human hair options, how do you know which one to select? We look at the facts to help you make the right choice.

Synthetic hair extensions vs human hair extensions

Appearance Human hair extensions are preferred by professional stylists because they tend to blend much more naturally with your hair than synthetic extensions. This is because they’re made from real hair, and all the strands look a lot more natural, creating a completely sleek and uniform look. Synthetic hair extensions tend to have a less natural and shiny looking texture.

Colour treating Synthetic hair extensions cannot be dyed at all, while human hair extensions can be coloured, just like normal hair. If you think you may want to change your colour from time to time, choose human hair extensions.

Pricing While you can pick up a full head of synthetic hair extensions for as little as R300. A full head of clip-in extensions will probably never cost less than R900 at the very least!

Heat styling Synthetic hair extensions are created in a specific style that is baked into them – i.e., curly or straight. Because they are made from plastic, they usually can’t be heat-styled without melting or incurring damage. They aren’t affected by rain or humidity. Human hair extensions can be styled the same way you would your normal hair, which means you can blow-dry, curl or straighten them, and you can use products to hold their style.

Durability Synthetic hair extensions last roughly 20 wears. Human hair extensions, when properly cared for, last up to a year.

Care and maintenance Care for your human hair extensions the same way you would your normal hair – so wash them, detangle and leave to dry, or style with your favourite products. Synthetic hair needs to be brushed frequently to prevent knots. Aim to spend around half an hour a day caring for synthetic hair extensions.

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