1. Your own hair should be shoulder length or longer to successfully wear a halo extension piece. 

2. If you have layers shorter than shoulder length you may need to use some of your smaller 2clip and 1clip wefts from your clip-in set of hair extensions or one of our crown topper extension pieces in conjunction with the halo for a natural look. 

3. Don't wear the halo too low down, as it will bother your ears. See positioning in video. 

4. The clips are added for additional comfort, and should be secured once you have the halo in the correct position. 

5. You can tease the hair at the root area where the clips will lie so that the clips have a good amount of hair to hold onto. 

6. You need enough hair on the sides of your head to hide the halo stitching, you can add your 2 clip wefts that frame your face from your clip in set if you have thin hair at the sides of your head. 

7. Feather your halo in the front slightly so it blends in with your shorter layers. 



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