How To: Clip in Your Hair Extensions

How To: Clip in Your Hair Extensions

So you've finally decided to invest in some clip-in hair extensions...


If you're feeling a tad overwhelmed and not sure you'll figure them out, don't stress! We are here to help.

How to insert your clip-in extensions:

Start by parting the section of your hair in line with your earlobes, divide downwards to create a half moon shape. Open the clips and attach them as close to the roots as possible; starting with your 4 weft (widest piece with 4 clips). Clip the the two clips in the middle and then clip the other two higher up, near to your ear.

Clip at an angle and not just straight / vertically across.

Divide your hair starting from your temples, run your fingers downwards to create a 'V', triangle shape. Clip your 3 wefts (piece with 3 clips) along the divided angle on either side.

Divide your hair just above your temples around the crown of your hair. Clip your two wefts (piece with 2 clips) on either side and one at the back.
Part your hair just above your 2 wefts, close to your face and clip your one weft on either side.

Always start at the lower half of your head and work your way up. Start with the widest weft, 4, 3, 2, 1. Follow your hairline and be sure to balance them out evenly.

You may need one or two practice rounds, but once you get it, it should only take a few minutes.

Your extensions should feel secure and will not come out until you unclip them.
NEVER try to slide the extensions off without first opening the clip.

You can watch a tutorial here: