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Choosing the Right Hair Extension Thickness For You

It's important to choose the right thickness when it comes to hair extensions...


Choosing the correct thickness in hair extensions is pivotal to creating a natural-looking blend. For example, if you have quite thick hair and opt for a 120g or 160g set, the hair extensions may not be thick enough to blend and you will notice where your hair ends and the extensions begin - which no one wants!

So, what are the options?

When selecting the perfect set of clip-in hair extensions, we have three thickness (or weight) options to choose from: 120 grams, 160 grams and 220 grams. These sets are all 50cm (20”) in length, this can reach your elbow depending on how tall you are. 

Deciding which thickness is right for you comes down to your own hair and what you are wanting to get from the extensions...

- 120g sets blend best on someone who has fine, layered hair. This thickness will provide you with length and natural looking volume. 

- 160g sets are suitable for all hair types but are highly recommended for those with medium thickness hair. It will add length and volume as well as blend in naturally with your hair, giving a flawless natural look.

- 220g sets are for the women who want that "wow" look. It will not only add length, but also enough volume so that you will look like a celebrity. Definitely a top seller. A famous celebrity even wears 2 x of our 220 gram sets at a time and the media cannot get enough of her hair when she does red carpet appearances. If your budget allows for it, definitely go for the 220 gram sets. If you have a blunt hair cut, these sets are great for easy blending.

Here is an example of how much volume each option can create:

Comparison of different thicknesses or weights in Frontrow clip-in hair extensions, with a side by side of a model wearing a 120g, 160g and 220g set of Frontrow clip-in hair extensions

It’s important to select the correct thickness to blend with your hair to achieve the most natural look.

If you're unsure which weight is right for your hair, you're welcome to forward us an image or two at of your hair from behind in natural light with your hair down and we will happily assist you with selecting a product to blend with your hair.