World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day

It’s World Cancer Day next week and we want to highlight the warriors who are fighting this battle and shed some light on how we, as a brand, can help.

Image of woman holding a sign that reads "World Cancer Day"

We always say hair is our greatest accessory, something that can really add to who you are as a person and how you see yourself, which is true for the majority of our Frontrow community. This is why the hair loss that comes with battling cancer and chemo is all the more emotional and taxing for a lot of women diagnosed with cancer.

We want you to know that while your hair is part of who you are, it’s also not all you are - you are brave and strong and wonderful all on your own. However, if you’re struggling with the prospect of losing your hair to chemo or if you are in remission and struggling with the wait for hair growth, many women in this situation turn to hair extensions as a quick and easy solution to gain some confidence and a feeling of returning to your old self. 

There are no rules to what recovery looks like when fighting cancer, it’s all about what works for you and what makes you feel most like yourself.

Whether that’s embracing the hair loss and finding confidence in that, or turning to hair extensions to return to a sense of normalcy. 

If you are considering hair extensions, here are some tips from our team:

The type of extensions you go for would depend on a number of factors: where you are in your treatment or recovery, the texture of your hair and the length of the hair to work on. It’s best to go with clip-in extensions as they require less hair to work with, are easy to insert and take out on your own and give you a very natural look.

If your hair is quite fine, you can use a texturising powder or spray to give the hair more grip for the clips to secure on to. It’s best to avoid fusion extensions in this initial recovery stage as they can put too much stress on your scalp and affect the natural growth of your hair.

Image of woman with hair loss due to cancer with flower by ear

 If you are just coming out of chemotherapy, it’s best to give your hair some time to grow and strengthen before turning to hair extensions. The recommended waiting time is around six months, as anytime before this may not allow the recovering cells to grow hair as quick as before treatment. It’s also very important to treat your hair and scalp with gentle care during these initial months post-treatment, including: using nourishing, mild shampoos and conditioners that are sulphate and paraben free, avoiding any chemical treatments like perms or colouring as well as limiting heat styling (blow dryers, curlers and straighteners) as much as possible. Once your hair has grown to around 5-7cm, you can consider extensions!

A great option is the Frontrow Crown Topper, the perfect solution for anyone with hair thinning or balding around the crown area, it’s a 100% Remy human hair piece hand-tied onto a breathable, scalp-like mesh, available in a variety of colours. We want to provide these women with a renewed sense of self and confidence and we feel extremely grateful to be able to do so.

Product image of Frontrow Crown Topper

Whatever you decide, we want you to know we commend your bravery and are sending you all the love and support we can. 

Image of woman with hair loss due to cancer