Longing to try out a hot new hairstyle? Before you get the chop, make sure you choose the ideal style to match the shape of your face. From an oval-shaped face to styles for round and square face shapes, our handy step-by-step guide will help you to find the perfect do to suit you.

Step 1: Measure your face

Tie up your hair and grab a measuring tape. Stand in front of a mirror in a well-lit room, then measure your face across the widest points of your forehead and the tops of your cheekbones. Next measure your jaw line, as well as your whole face from your hairline to your chin.

Step 2: Identify the shape of your face

Oval: The widest part of your face is at your cheekbones, and your jaw line is tapered and narrow.

Perfect do: Lucky you! Almost any hairstyles work for oval shaped faces, so consider your unique features instead. For example, opt for a fringe if you have a large forehead, or part your hair to the side to distract from a large nose.

Celebs with oval faces: Rihanna, Jessica Alba, Bella Hadid

Image of Rihanna, Bella Hadid and Jessica Alba with Oval Face Shapes

Oblong: Like a rectangle, your face is longer than it is wide, and your jaw line is rounded.

Perfect do: Styles with layers near the cheekbones or ears to make your face look less ‘boxy’ and wider at the cheeks. Avoid bobs – ideally, your hair length should be either above or below your chin, but not at chin length, as this will emphasise a strong jaw line. Oblong faces are one of the few that can pull off blunt fringes, so why not make a bold snip?

Celebs with oblong faces: Ashley Greene, Sarah Jessica Parker, Liv Tyler

Ashley Greene, Sarah Jessica Parker and Liv Tyler with Oblong Face Shapes

Square: Defined by a prominent, angular jaw line and a face of roughly equal width and height.

Perfect do: Extra long hair styled stick-straight, curly or in loose waves will soften your strong features. Alternatively, if you’d prefer a shorter cut, opt for a soft layered bob. Avoid blunt cuts as these tend to accentuate the jaw line, and if you’d like a fringe, wear it swept to one side instead of straight-cut.

Celebs with square faces: Olivia Wilde, Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock

Olivia Wilde, Angelina Jolie and Sandra Bullock with Square Face Shapes

Diamond: A face that is a little longer than it is wide, with a pointy chin and high-set cheekbones being the widest parts of your face.

Perfect do: Your bone structure is super enviable, so show it off! Choose full, classic bobs or flipped-out layered cuts to accentuate your fabulous features, but beware of too-short fringes. On a diamond-shaped face, fringes must be below the brow or they’ll look unflattering.

Celebs with diamond-shaped faces: Jennifer Lopez, Scarlet Johansson, Victoria Beckham

 Jennifer Lopez, Scarlett Johansson and Victoria Beckham with Diamond Face Shapes

Round: A round and full jaw line and a face that is widest at the cheekbones, and almost as wide as it is long.

Perfect do: To achieve a more slender-faced look, opt for long, layered locks or a shaggy, stepped cut with a layered fringe. Try to add height at the crown to lengthen the face, and make it appear less round by using layers or curls.

Celebs with round faces: Drew Barrymore, Mila Kunis, Selena Gomez

Drew Barrymore, Mila Kunis, Selena Gomez

Heart-shaped: A wide forehead, full cheekbones and narrow chin

Perfect do: You want to complement your gorgeous cheekbones without hiding your chin, so choose a bob with tapered ends that is chin-length or longer. As for a fringe, opt for wispy side-swept strands, and avoid adding extra height at the crown.

Celebs with heart-shaped faces: Reece Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry

Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston and Halle Berry With Heart Face Shapes

Step 3: Find online photos of people with the same shape face as you

Google photos of celebrities or hair models with the same shape face as you. This will inspire you with hundreds of different styles to suit your shape.

Step 4: Find your fave do and take a photo with you to your stylist

It’s always best to have a photo of exactly what you want when you visit your stylist. Chat to him or her beforehand and make sure that they’re able to achieve the look you want, and that it will suit your face as well as the type and texture of your hair.

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