Oh, the dreaded split end – a tenacious hair enemy that can reduce your gorgeous locks to limp and lifeless strands. Unfortunately, the only way to rid yourself of split ends is to cut them off, which can be devastating to women who have lovingly grown and cared for their hair over many years.

No one wants to subject themselves to ‘the chop’ if they don’t have to – so instead of waiting for split ends to ruin your lovely locks, rather follow these expert tips to prevent split ends and hair breakage.

5 tips for preventing split ends and hair breakage

  1. Skip the daily wash

While shampoos and conditioners are essential for keeping your hair clean, soft and silky smooth, too much of a good thing can be bad. Washing your hair every day strips it of its natural oils, which actually work to repair and protect your hair. Instead, try to wait a day or two in between washes, shampooing only every second or third day.

On top of that, make sure you're using high-quality sulphate free hair care products, such as the Frontrow hair care kit.

Woman washing hair

  1. Limit damaging treatments

Split ends occur when the protective outer layering of the hair cuticle wears away due to a variety of external stressors, such as chemical treatments, heat styling and excessive washing. While there’s nothing more exciting than unveiling a fabulous new hairdo, the reality is that salon treatments such as highlights, colouring, straightening and perms can strip the hair cuticle of its protective covering and result in split ends. The same goes for at-home styling with hairdryers and straighteners. Always use heat-protecting products on your hair before using these items, and try to limit their use whenever possible.

  1. Brush your hair correctly

Yanking a hairbrush through wet, knotty hair is a sure way to cause breakage and the type of damage that leads to split ends. Make sure you’re using the right brush – a cushioned paddle-type brush with flexible bristles is ideal for daily use – and never brush from root to tip before de-tangling. Instead, start at the ends and work your way up to the roots – carefully! – to remove all the knots. Only when your hair is tangle-free should you stroke from root to tip. Avoid cheap, hard plastic brushes.

Woman brushing hair

  1. Shampoo your roots and condition your scalp

Hands up, who’s guilty of scrunching all their hair into a ball on top of their head, and then scrubbing vigorously when shampooing? Eek! That kind of shampooing can cause serious damage to your hair. Instead, let your locks hang normally, and lather the shampoo into your roots. The ends will receive the ‘second-hand’ suds as you rinse. Next, apply conditioner to your ends and leave it to soak in for a few minutes before rinsing it out. Always use a leave-in conditioner to add extra protection against external stressors.

  1. Go for regular trims

It might sound strange, but trimming your hair can actually help it to grow faster! This is because it’s healthier when the damaged ends have been removed, which can aid in more rapid growth. Trims are a great way to keep split ends at bay without losing too much length. And, if you ever spot a split end between trims, grab a pair of scissors and cut it off yourself, otherwise it could split all the way up to your root and cause even more damage.

Woman getting her hair cut

Get long, healthy locks in minutes – even if you have split ends

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