Real looking hair extensions: 6 things you have to do

There’s nothing worse than fake-looking hair extensions (right, Britney Spears?). Want to have your hair looking its absolute best this summer, why not copy the Kylie Jenners and Demi Lovatos of the world and follow these six tips for getting gorgeous, real-looking hair extensions.

1. For ‘real’ hair extensions, go shorter

If you’ve fantasised about being a real-life Rapunzel, it might be hard to resist extensions that trail all the way to your waist. But do – resist, that is. If you want your extensions to blend seamlessly with your own hair, cut your extensions to a length similar to your natural locks – no more than 10cm longer than your own hair. Don’t go overboard with the thickness either: if you have thinner hair, stick to extensions that are lighter in weight – say, a 120g or 160g rather than 220g – and vice versa. You can always buy an additional FrontRow quad weft if you feel you need a little more thickness. 

2. Shampoo to perfection

Before you start  wearing your hair extensions, wash them with gentle sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner and leave them to air-dry overnight for the most natural looking smell and texture.

3. Get the snip

Wear your extensions to your stylist and get them trimmed. This way, they’ll match the length of your real hair and won’t look at all fake. If your hair is layered, make sure your stylist layers your extensions too. If your hair is feathered at the ends, do the same to your extensions. You get the picture. Hair Extensions should never be cut horizontally straight across, your stylist should know to cut “into” the hair. Also remember to mark your extensions before removing them, so you know where to put them back in.

4. Get shady

While you’re at the stylist, consider adding some lowlights to your new locks if need be. Choose a base colour of hair extensions that will closely match your natural hair, adding some darker streaks will help make them look more like the real deal. Try FrontRow’s popular Latte Blonde extensions for that perfectly highlighted look! Hair extensions that aren’t made from human hair should not be dyed, though cheap, synthetic hair extensions react very differently to hair dye than real, human hair extensions do.

5. Mimic the mermaid look

To blend shorter, real hair with longer extensions, loosely curl the two together using tongs. Wavy, effortlessly tousled locks are a hot look for summer, and they’re easy to create. Remember to use the same heat-protecting products on your extensions as you do on your real hair. After all, if you buy real hair extensions, they’re made from human hair and could suffer from heat damage just like your natural tresses.

6. Correct weft distribution

Just because you’ve bought a full set of extensions doesn’t mean you have to use them all, however the more pieces you are able to distribute across your head, the more natural look you will achieve. Specifically if you have short hair, you need to try use the pieces that belong in the front and at the top of the head for the most natural look. See the video below for more info:

If your own hair is a similar length to the extensions you can get away with wearing less pieces.  Start clipping them in at the base of your hair and work up for a fuller, natural look.

You can get magnificent real hair extensions from FrontRow without breaking the bank. Made from 100% human hair and available in a wide range of colours and weights, you’ll be spoilt for choice with this stunning range. They’re available at a great price without compromising on quality. See the full range of clip in hair extensions here to find your perfect fit.

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