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Summer Hairstyles with Clip-in Hair Extensions

2024 is here and we hope it brings you all good hair days and great memories!

Summer is in full swing in South Africa at the moment, with the start of the year defined by crowds of people out on the town, spending every weekend at the beach in the sun and the absolutely STUNNING summer looks parading around…

Today we’re chatting about summer hairstyles - as the sun shines and the temperatures rise, the feeling of fun is in the air and, for some of us, inspires us to try something new with our hair. For the rest of us, we’re just looking for the easiest way to keep our hair up to stay cool, while still looking chic. Don’t worry, we’ve got you both covered - read on!

Get ready to radiate sun-kissed confidence with these sensational summer hairdos…

First up, for those women who want the most practical option to keep their hair up, a clip-in ponytail is the perfect option. A long, voluminous ponytail extension that slides into and over your own ponytail or bun, giving you your dream length and volume in one quick and easy product!

With our clip-in ponytails, you can create a number of fun hairstyles, from a high or low sleek ponytail, a beautiful braid or a voluminous bun - you’re bound to find a style that suits you, keeps you cool under the summer sun AND looks stunning in the process. Try this super cute summer hairstyle by following our sleek high ponytail tutorial below.



If you’re feeling like you want your hair up, but want something a little more edgy than a ponytail, why not create a stunning messy bun with a few hanging pieces? Messy, but intentional and on trend - surely that’s the ultimate summer go to?

Our hair scrunchies give your bun maximum volume, creating a full, thick bun - even for those ladies with short, straight hair and a small bun. Our hair scrunchies are 100% Remy human hair, so they blend naturally with the rest of your own hair. They are the best way to:

  • Add volume to your bun
  • Elevate your updo in seconds
  • Create some texture with your look
  • Hide damaged ends

Keeping your hair up while looking stunning has never been easier…

Frontrow hair scrunchie human hair extensions product image next to a model image wearing the Frontrow hair scrunchie next to a red carpet reference image of Ciara with a messy bun hairstyle

Listen, we’re all for keeping your hair up and out of your face when it’s this hot, however, here at Frontrow we LOVE a long, thick set of beach waves! For those slightly cooler summer evenings where you’re feeling brave enough to let your hair down, try a full set of clip-in hair extensions to add instant length and volume to your locks and add some loose waves or curls to add some texture.

Image of woman sitting in grass field with long beautiful hair in a loose waves/curls hairstyle

Our 100% Remy human hair clip-in hair extensions allow you to heat style the extensions as needed, just be sure to practice safe heating styling, as you would with your own hair. This means you can add some fun beach waves or curls and brush them out to create a fountain of loose, long and thick locks. Alternatively, after washing your Frontrow hair extensions, leave them to air dry on our storage and styling hanger and they will dry with a natural beach wave - no heat styling necessary!

Image of Jess Lee Buchanan holding up her Frontrow clip-in hair extensions attached to the Frontrow storage and styling hanger

Clip-in hair extensions are a DIY, non-permanent hair extensions option that give you full control over when you can add volume and length to your natural hair! No need to visit the salon, you’ll be able to install these babies in a matter of minutes with some practice. This is perfect for a summer hairstyle because you don’t have to keep all that extra volume and length all night keeping you warm, you take them out before you go to bed and there you have it…

Infographic on why clip-in hair extensions are the better choice of hair extensions, including reasons such as: instant length and volume, it's a DIY option and non-permanent, there's no damage to your own hair, they are easier to care for and look after and there's no commitment to permanently change your hair. Infographic part of Frontrow clip-in hair extensions blog.

Last but certainly not least, why not add some highlights for the summer? If you don’t get naturally sunkissed locks from being in the sun - fake it!

With our balayage clip-in hair extensions, you can add colour to your hair without actually having to bleach your hair, saving your hair that damage and giving you full control as to when you want that colour. 

Image of the three Frontrow clip-in hair extensions balayage extensions range, including mixed blonde balayage, chestnut brown balayage and mixed toffee balayage

Another great way to elevate your summer hairstyle is with hair accessories. Throw on a big straw summer hat for a classy look, or tie a cute and colourful neck scarf around your ponytail or bun. This allows you to keep the hairstyle itself quite simple, but adds a layer of fun.

Woman wearing a summer hat as a hair accessory for her summer hairstyle

We hope you try one of these summer hairstyles with your Frontrow hair extensions this year and don’t forget to tag us if you do!