Frontrow halo hair extensions a DIY weft clip in hair extensions option

Product Spotlight: Halo Hair Extensions

A one step hair extension option that takes seconds to put in and gives you instant volume and length? Yes please!

Today we are chatting about our halo hair extensions, a one weft piece secured by one of two ways - clips or a string - in the middle of the head, providing instant long, thick hair added to your natural hair. The beauty of the halo is the efficiency; it stops you needing to go to the salon to have a permanent weft inserted and then returning to keep it maintained every few weeks. It acts as a non-permanent DIY weft, giving you the control of inserting it and removing it yourself in no time!

Of course a permanent weft is not a bad option, it’s all about preference and what benefits you are looking for in your hair extensions. Permanent wefts can be tighter and slightly more uncomfortable for the first while, especially if you aren’t used to hair extensions, even more so for one-piece hair extensions. Whereas a halo is a great introduction to something like this - with no pulling or tension to get used to. Similarly, the halo can be a great first option before deciding to get a permanent weft.

Perfect for those busy women on-the-go, always looking for a quicker, more efficient solution - one that saves them time in the morning. Once you’ve chosen your preferred method of attaching the halo - either using the silicone grip clips like the ones used on our clip-in hair extensions, or the adjustable string - and practiced a few times, you can have your halo in and blended in a matter of minutes, depending on the style of your hair. 

Woman inserting a Frontrow clip-in hair extensions halo

As well as saving you time, halo hair extensions can save you money. As a once-off purchase that can last up to a year, a halo means you don’t need to pay and spend time in a salon getting a permanent weft inserted and maintained. You are the salon!

As with all our clip-in hair extensions, our halo hair extensions are 100% Remy human hair and therefore can be heat styled to your liking - just be sure to use a lower heat setting and strong heat protectant. This will help blend the halo with your natural hair, giving you added length and volume - taking your short, thin hair to long and thick!

Frontrow clip-in hair extensions before and after a halo

A main benefit with the halo hair extensions is that it gives you two application options. If you are used to clip-in hair extensions, you can choose to use the silicone grip clips that clip on to your own hair, the silicone keeping them in place. Clip-in hair extensions are non-invasive and should not be damaging your hair, however if you feel your hair is too sensitive or delicate for the clips, the halo comes with a string (clear wire). If you’re unsure how to insert your hair hair extensions, we have a number of tutorials available - don’t hesitate to contact us. Watch below for a quick rundown on the halo and how you can attach it:



Why not save yourself the time and money you would spend on hours at the salon inserting and maintaining a permanent weft, and treat yourself to a halo?