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Matric Dance Hairstyle Inspiration

Matric dance season is coming up and it’s time to start thinking about the perfect hairstyle to complete your perfect look…

When it comes to special occasions, sometimes our own hair isn’t quite enough to create our dream hairstyle. To give you the extra length and volume you need to create your ultimate matric dance look, why not try clip-in hair extensions?

Clip-in hair extensions are the best way to add length, volume or colour to your hair for the big day - in a non-permanent and non-damaging way. Even more so with our 100% Remy human hair extensions as you can heat style them as you wish for your perfect matric dance look.

Depending on which hairstyle you want to go for, there are different hair extensions options we have for you to try!

For a quick and easy application option, try a clip-in ponytail. This product allows you to create a high or low ponytail, braid, or bun - perfect for a matric dance look. The following video provides a tutorial for a variety of hairstyles you can create with the clip-in ponytail for your matric dance.


If you want full versatility, with the ability to create a loose, half-up, or fully-up hairstyle, try a full set of clip-in hair extensions. Our clip-in hair extensions sets come with eight pieces that are placed all around your hair, giving you a full and more controllable look—therefore allowing you to create both loose and updo hairstyles. See below for a tutorial on how to style your full set of Frontrow clip-in hair extensions into a number of hairstyles for the big day!



As you would have noticed, our clip-in hair extensions can be heat styled to your desired look. This is because they are 100% Remy human hair; it also means they will hold your styling well!

These full sets can really make a huge difference to your look. For example, if you have short hair but really want long locks for your matric dance, you can pop in your clip-in hair extensions and within a matter of minutes you have a completely new look - with no permanent change or damage to your own hair.

Before and after of model wearing Frontrow clip in hair extensions

The beauty of this is that they are not permanent, they are a DIY hair extensions option that you install and remove yourself. So after the dance, when you get home, you just take them out before you sleep and voila! 

If you’re looking to elevate your matric dance hairstyle and want to try clip-in hair extensions, pop us an email so we can find your perfect shade.