It’s a new year, full of new possibilities and you may be feeling as though your look could also do with an overhaul. For some ladies that means a drastic hair transformation, but here at FrontRow, we feel that a clip-in fringe is the perfect solution for that urge for change without the permanence and maintenance that comes with chopping off your locks.

Our high-quality, clip-in bangs offer you the opportunity to test the waters before diving right in, and save you the trouble of having to style and grow out a fringe you may not like. Plus, the slim alice band that comes attached to our clip-in fringes gives the illusion of a fancier style that took ages to achieve, instead of the mere minutes to clip it in.

Watch our quick video for exact instructions on how to use and wear your clip-in bangs.

Luxury Clip In Hair Extensions

"Give yourself an instant makeover with FrontRow's clip in extensions.Affordable easy to apply.Delivery is always free."

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