Whether you want to create a lush look for a night on the town or show-stopping glam for a special occasion, hair extensions are the perfect way to do it. They’re beautiful, natural looking and easy to apply, and they’re affordable too. Plus, you can take them out as easily as you put them in.

Every girl needs her beauty secret – and human hair extensions can be yours!

With so many different types of hair extensions to choose from, how do you know which ones are best for you? Use our handy guide to help you decide.

Types of Hair Extensions: Clip-in Human Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are a fantastic and easy way to add instant length to your natural hair. They’re available in a wide range of textures and qualities, and you can choose between human hair extensions and synthetic.

There are many different types of hair extensions, but the most popular are the straight clip-in kind. You also get curly clip-in hair extensions for a unique and eye-catching look.

Opt for a full head of clip-in extensions for length, thickness or add just a few to boost your natural look. 

Which clip in hair extensions are best? There are so many available!

The best clip-in hair extensions are often the pricier ones, as the hair quality is better. Optimally, you should choose high-quality Remy human hair extensions, as they last much longer and look more natural than others.

When it comes to hair extensions’ prices, you will pay a bit more for better quality, but the investment will be worth it: Not only will they last, but they’ll look amazing too. It’s also important to choose the ones that most closely match your natural hair texture and colour, since they will be integrated with your natural hair rather than completely hide it.

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Sew in hair extensions

Sew in weaves are available as either full or partial weaves. A full weave is where all of your natural hair is hidden under the extensions. A partial weave involves braiding three to five tracks horizontally from ear to ear. The hair extensions are then sewn onto the braids, so that the natural hair is integrated with the hair extensions. A weave is a quick way of adding length to short or thinning hair. It is also a very gentle technique, and if you take care of your braided hair, your hair will be very healthy when you take the weave out. They last two to three months.

Tape in hair extensions

Tape in hair extensions are extensions applied to hair using a special kind of tape. The result resembles bonded hair extensions or clip-in hair extensions, and usually lasts one to two weeks. Glue can be applied to the tape to extend the wear time to anywhere from four to six weeks.

With this method, you part your natural hair and ‘sandwich’ it between two pieces of the tape hair extensions. This ensures that the extensions fall as your natural hair would, but with added length and fullness. This option can be used by women of any ethnicity, and can be applied at home.

Micro rings hair extensions

Micro rings hair extensions are a fairly recent innovation and have quickly become a very popular option for a number of reasons:

Use at home

Micro rings hair extensions can be easily applied to someone’s hair at home, without the need to visit a salon. You can reposition them as need be (unlike glued-in extensions), so you don’t need to worry about making mistakes. To apply, a plastic loop is used to pull hair through the ring connected to the hair weft, and then the ring is pulled up to the scalp. Special pliers are used fix the micro rings hair extensions in place.

Short and fine hair

Hair as short as three centimetres can be used with micro rings hair extensions. Unlike some hair extension types such as braiding and weaving, you can use micro rings hair extensions with short and fine hair. Braids and weaves need a certain length of hair to allow for tension, which may cause fine hair to break.


Micro rings hair extensions are among the most easily hidden extensions, and it’s very difficult to see where the extension attaches to the hair. Even if someone takes a close look at your scalp they will still struggle to spot the micro rings as they usually match the colour of the hair.

Safe to Use

No glue, heat or painful braiding is required, and hair is not damaged in any way with the micro rings method.

Long-term or short-term use

You can easily apply and remove your micro rings hair extensions, which means that you can use them for a day or for longer-term use, by simply repositioning them as your hair grows. As for these hair extensions’ prices, they offer great value, especially if you buy r Remy human hair extensions which have a long lifespan.

Keratin bonded hair extensions

Keratin bonded hair extensions are often referred to as U-Tips because of their shape, however the bond is sometimes flat. The strands of hair are pre-tipped with Keratin. A low heat extension iron is used to attached the extensions to one’s own hair, by melting the keratin bond onto and around the client’s natural hair. The bond is very strong and almost undetectable when applied correctly.

Where to buy good quality hair extensions:

As with all beauty products, it’s recommended that you buy your hair extensions from a reputable company, and choose the best quality you can afford. This will ensure that you achieve the most natural and beautiful look.

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