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Hair Loss/Alopecia Solutions

Many women struggle with hair loss (also commonly referred to as ‘alopecia’) at some point in their lives, whether it be postpartum, health conditions, post-COVID, stress-induced or just simply from aging. For a lot of us, our hair is our greatest accessory and a great source of pride, and so when we start to notice some hair thinning or loss, it can be cause for alarm. But don’t stress, we are here to help!

Hair extensions can be a great solution to cover up hair loss or thinning, with options to cover the area affected or simply add more volume to hair that is thinning out. Before we get to hair extension options to cover up hair loss, let’s chat a bit about what can lead to this issue in the first place…

There are a large number of reasons you could be experiencing hair loss or thinning and ideally you should consult a professional to figure out exactly which reason it could be, but today we are going to chat about a few possible causes:

  • Hormones: Postpartum hair loss is prevalent among a large portion of new moms, as the decreasing estrogen levels after birth can cause hair loss. Similarly, the hormone imbalance that comes with menopause can have the same effect on the hair follicles. 
  • Age: Unfortunately inevitable, hair loss often occurs as we get older. With age, the rate at which our hair grows tends to slow down, more often than not leading to a large amount of hair thinning. 
  • Stress: Don’t underestimate the effect of stress on the body! Any kind of emotional or physical stress - having gone through covid for example - can disrupt the normal cycle of hair growth. Luckily this type of hair loss is usually temporary.
  • Medical Treatments: Those who undergo chemotherapy or radiation often struggle with hair loss.
  • Nutrient deficiency: Hair loss can be a result of a lack of certain nutrients in your diet, including biotin, iron, protein, and zinc.

Image of woman struggling with hair loss

While there are treatment options available for most causes of hair loss, a lot of women are looking for a solution to cover up the hair loss or thinning while it’s happening, something to keep them feeling confident and empowered, and that’s where we come in…

Clip-in hair extensions are an excellent solution for covering up hair loss (alopecia) or hair thinning, without risking permanent damage to your already thinning hair. We offer various options of extensions that can help with hair loss in different areas. 

For hair loss on the top, sides of the head and/or the crown area:

If you’re struggling with overall thinning or specific hair loss around your scalp and crown area, our Crown Topper is a great option for you. Made from high-quality 100% Remy human hair, our Crown Topper is a full piece of hair sewn onto a breathable, scalp-like mesh, providing full coverage. It is easily attached to the top of your head by use of secure silicone grip clips. 

16 inches (40cm) in length and 110g in weight, they look and feel very natural - no one will know!

Because they are made from high-quality human hair, you can style them however you wish to match the style you usually go for - sleek and straight, soft and wavy or classic curls. You can also cut the Crown Topper to your desired style, whether that be adding layers or cutting bangs with the front part of the topper.

Before and after Frontrow Crown Topper

For hair loss in the front and sides of your head:

Our clip-in bangs are a fun and effective way to cover up hair thinning or loss near the hairline or sides of your head. Our new design is wispy, light and very natural-looking, it’s really as easy as clipping in one small clip on top of your hair and there you have it, hair to fill out your hairline and sides of your head.

Before and after Frontrow clip-in bangs

For general hair thinning:

To add instant volume to your hair, you can try a set of clip-in hair extensions. Our extension sets are made from 100% Remy human hair and come in three different thickness options, however if you are struggling with hair thinning we would recommend either the 120g or 160g set to blend seamlessly with your own hair.

Before and after Frontrow 220g clip-in extensions

Hair loss can be an emotional and stressful experience, especially for those who take pride in their hair and having it be healthy, shiny and voluminous - and we want to help you through this process. Browse our website to view all the different solutions available, if you’re unsure of which product would work for your needs, feel free to email us and we will happily assist you!