Image of a few female models wearing Frontrow clip-in hair extensions


As South Africa's most trusted hair extensions company, Frontrow has a rather impressive range of 100% Remy human clip-in hair extensions, with all sorts of colours from classic blondes to stunning blacks. We offer a colour matching service whereby you can send us images of your hair from behind in natural light and we will recommend the best Frontrow product for you! But with our range, you're bound to find what you're looking for!

Group of women with thick, long hair - all wearing Frontrow clip-in human hair extensions

Aside from colour, we offer different kinds of clip-in hair extensions, including full sets, halo extensions, clip-in bangs, clip-in ponytails and crown toppers. Whether you're looking for a full set for maximum length and volume, or a one-piece-wonder, we have it all. 

The clip-in hair extensions sets also come in varying thicknesses (120g, 160g or 220g set ) which means you only spend money on what you really need! Selecting a thickness depends on your own hair length and thickness. Here's a brief breakdown on the different thickness:

120g - We recommend our 120g sets for our customers with very fine hair looking for mainly length. This option will not really provide you with thickness. This thickness is not recommended if you have shorter hair.

160g - This is our medium thickness option which blends with fine or medium hair. This option is wonderful if you have fine hair and you’re looking for extra fullness. If you have medium hair, this option should provide you with a natural blend. 

220g - Our 220g sets are most popular, these blend with fine, medium or thicker hair. This option provides you with celebrity-like volume, the reason why it blends with any hair thickness is because you’ll have 8 wefts to play around with so you can wear more or less pieces depending on your hair. This is the best option for shorter or blunt cut hair.  As this set is thicker, it will also take longer to thin out compared to the others.  

The hair extensions are also incredibly lightweight hair and don’t feel like they are weighing down your hair – in fact after a while you will forget you are wearing them! 

Our clip-in hair extensions sets are a winner for giving you instant length and volume and only take minutes to insert. Elevate your look with your own set of Frontrow extensions.

Women wearing Frontrow clip-in extensions