Blending your own hair with clip-in extensions can be tricky if you have a very blunt haircut. Here are a few tips for blending your extensions with Short or Blunt Cut hair.

Tip 1.

Curling your extensions:

The fastest and easiest way to blend your extensions with a blunt hair cut is to curl your extensions while they are in your own hair. If your hair is very short, your own hair should be blow dryed straight with the ends of the hair curling under and the extensions should be curled out of your own hair. You then clip in your extensions, by not curling your own hair, you prevent the short hair from sticking out in opposite directions to your extensions curls.

Tip 2

Placing your extensions:

This tip can be very useful when dealing with a blunt cut, as you don’t want too much of your own top layer of hair over the highest weft of the extensions.

  • Once you have clipped in all the wefts, lift the hair and pin the bottom layer of your own hair up to stop it peeping through the extensions.
  • Check out this video on where to place the wefts

Tip 3

Use a hair straightener

Once you have clipped in all the wefts as per above instructions, take your hair straightener and run it over the hair. This can be done on random sections, by straightening your own hair with the extensions you are able to sculpt all the hair to fall in the same direction as the extensions, once again assisting with blending.

Tip 4

Thin out your top layer of hair

If you can clearly see the difference between your own hair and the extensions, you may consider, just thinning out the ends of ONLY your very TOP LAYER of hair. This hair lies on top of the extensions and if the ends are very blunt and thick it can look unnatural. You won’t really even notice the thinned out layer when you are not wearing your extensions.

Tip 5

Cut Layers into your extensions

You will need to take your extensions to a hairdresser to have this done successfully. You will also in most cases need to have purchased one of the thicker sets of extensions 160grams or 220grams, so you have more hair to work with. Thinner hair normally blends easily with extensions.

Tip 6

Colour matching

By matching the extensions with the colour of your own hair perfectly you will create a seamless flow of your own hair into the extensions. You can always colour your own hair to match the extensions perfectly.

Tip 7

Styling your hair

If you still find you can see the line between your own hair and the extensions after following the above steps, you can use these hairstyles to hide it. By braiding your own hair with the extensions, you make it impossible to see where your hair ends and where the extensions begin. Also play with bandanas, these are a stylish way to hide those stubborn strands.

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