Where do I begin

My fascination with hair began when I was six years old, when I discovered a magnifying glass that belonged to my grandparents. I’d pull out strands of my hair and spend hours scrutinising them under the powerful glass. Even at that young age, I was passionate about hair and fashion. It was my grandmother who encouraged me to explore my unique sense of style

My fascination with beauty, boys and performing...

From the time I was little, I was enchanted by costumes, fashion and make-up. I loved being on stage and getting all dressed up. In my final year of high school, I fell for a drummer in a rock band… and fell pregnant. I wrote my last exams while pregnant, and started working right after I gave birth to Kiara in 2005.

My first jobs and my husband Chris...

I had no tertiary education, but I needed to support us. My personality meant I was perfectly suited to sales, and sell I did! Anything from vacuum cleaners to toilets and software solutions.Fast-forward eight years, and I’d met and married my husband Chris. We had our first child a year later, and then started an online marketing agency. While marketing other people’s products, I was inspired to start marketing my own product, and this reignited my fascination with hair.

The birth of FrontRow and a few more kids...

Soon, FrontRow was born… as were our twins, Leo and Ella. It was a tough four years: a new business, a house full of small kids, plus a difficult pregnancy that set me back several months just as FrontRow was starting up. Getting back on track wasn’t easy, but I’ve always had a single goal in mind: to find the best hair solutions for my clients.

Why the obsession with hair?

To me, hair truly is a woman’s crowning glory. It’s the root of our confidence, and a good hair day can make us feel like we can take on the world – and conquer it. I believe that that’s a feeling every woman deserves to feel every day. It’s for this reason that I’m committed to finding the right hair solutions for my clients. I’ve spent countless hours researching, interviewing clients, and even building relationships with some of my biggest competitors. I’ve wanted to get to the heart of what women love about their hair - as well as the things they wish they could change.

The new range...

This research has helped me bring FrontRow clients the five hair extension solutions they want and need most: wigs, crown toppers, halo extensions, clip-in ponytails and clip-in extensions. All our products are made from the highest quality Remy human hair and designed to blend seamlessly with your own hair, so you never need to broadcast your secret ;-)

My wish for you...

I hope that as you wear your new FrontRow hair, you’re able to feel the love, care and passion that has gone into choosing the perfect product for you. My wish for you is that you absolutely shine with confidence every time you wear yours. Because there’s nothing more powerful than a confident woman. Thank you for choosing FrontRow.

Lots of love,

Kimmy xx - Founder of FrontRow Hair