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Economy Clip-in Extensions


Economy Clip-in Extensions - To Be Discontinued


The clip-ins that started the clip-in hair extensions frenzy in South Africa! Need great quality hair, but something more affordable than our premium range? Our economy clip-in hair extensions are all made from 100% Indian human hair, and will give you instant length and fullness. Our discontinued range is still HIGH QUALITY hair that are not as THICK at the ends as our new double drawn range. 











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Below you'll find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about clip-in extensions

What are Clip in Hair Extensions? 

Clip in hair extensions – sometimes called clip on hair extensions – are the perfect solution for anyone seeking an instant, do-it-yourself solution to achieving thick, full-bodied hair. Clip in’s are non-permanent and cause no damage to your natural hair. They are easily clipped in and out of your hair in minutes and can be seamlessly matched with your own hair colour for instant length and volume.

How do I attach the extensions to my own hair?

The extensions are clipped underneath the layers of your own hair using small snap clips. Our clips are equipped with a silicone strip so they won’t slip down your hair or damage it. When clipped underneath the layers of your own hair, the clips are virtually undetectable.

How long will they take to put in?

The comb snap clips are easily clipped into your own hair, and once you have practiced a few times, they will take about 5 minutes to put in and only a few seconds to take out!

What length should my own hair be to use clip-in extensions?

If your hair is 10cm or longer, Front Row’s hair extensions should work effectively. We do not recommend clip in hair extensions for hair shorter than 10cm.

How long will the hair extensions last? 

The better you look after hair extensions the longer they will last. Hair extensions are affected by so many factors, such as heat styling, washing, sunshine and how often they are worn, so it is impossible for us to guarantee their lifespan, some clients replace them once a year and others every 6 months or sometimes less. The lighter “fashion colours” (Anything from Chestnut Brown and lighter) will also not last as long as the darker shades.

What type of hair do you use in FrontRow Clipinhair extensions? 

Our hair extensions are all 100% human hair extensions. If you plan to straighten your extensions with a flat iron, curl them with heat, or chemically treat, perm or dye them, you definitely need to purchase human hair extensions. Most synthetic extensions cannot withstand the same treatment as real hair, but Front Row’s human hair extensions can be treated exactly the way you’d treat your natural tresses. We guarantee that the hair used in Front Row hair extensions is ethically sourced and is 100% human hair.

What makes "remy" hair so special? 

‘Remi’ or ‘Remy’ means ‘cuticle correct’, and that means that the hair used for our hair extensions is untreated and not previously coloured. The hair is carefully chosen and all the cuticles are aligned so that every strand runs in the right direction – that is, the direction it grows in from the scalp. By ensuring the cuticles all run downwards in the same direction, we are able to keep the hair shiny, soft and tangle free. Once the hair has been selected for the extensions, it goes through an advanced treatment process to colour and straighten it in the safest yet most effective way. If you see extensions labelled ‘silky’, this means the cuticle has been removed. Remy hair extensions have their cuticles still intact, and are therefore incredibly shiny and healthy-looking. They also will not become matted or tangled when worn for long periods. Not all sellers of clip in’s in South Africa offer authentic human hair, so be cautious of imitation products.

Why are my extensions wavy after washing? 

Our hair extensions are made from 100% Indian human hair and may have a slight wave and frizz in them after washing and blow drying or leaving them to dry naturally, you will need to style them using a heat defence serum and a hair straightener after washing to once again achieve a silky smooth finish.

What is the difference between 60g, 160g and 220g sets? 

The thickness of the hair is the only difference; the quality is exactly the same. For volume only a 60g quad weft one piece clip in will be perfect. If you are looking for volume and length, or if you have thicker hair, we recommend our 160g deluxe set of Clip in’s, as this set has additional hair in the clip-in wefts to provide a fuller look. This set is the perfect solution for naturally thick hair and blends superbly with most hair types. If your own hair is short and extra thick, we recommend the 220g superior set for the most vibrant and voluminous look of all.

What are your clips made of? 

 Our clips are light-weight stainless steel with a secure rubber grip. The clips have a comb-like appearance and are simply combed into the hair and snapped shut.

How do I choose the right colour? 

We know it can be difficult to choose the right colour from a computer screen, so let us help you. Use our free colour matching service to upload a photo of your hair, and our experts will help you choose the perfect shade. Thanks to their multi tone colour adapting system, our hair extensions can blend seamlessly with your own hair even if they are a slightly different shade. However, the only way to tell for sure is to clip one in. For this reason we allow you to test the colour with a separately packaged sample strand so that you may return or exchange them if they are the wrong colour. We offer an easy exchange and return policy: If the extensions don’t match, simply send them back with a small sample of your own hair and we will exchange them for the right colour. 

Can I colour my hair extensions? 

You can colour your hair extensions. As a general rule, we suggest that you darken the hair rather than lighten it. You should NEVER bleach the extensions. It is also recommended that you ask your hairdresser to colour the extensions, to make sure you achieve the correct tone. Always wash the hair prior to dyeing.

Can I wash and blow dry my hair extensions? 

You can wash them with shampoo and conditioner and it is recommended that you use a treatment or hair mask to keep them looking healthy and shinier for longer. You should only need to wash your extensions after every 10 to 20 wears. You can blow-dry them, but try not to do this too often. Letting the hair extensions dry naturally will extend their lifespan.

Will my clip-in extensions shed? 

Yes shedding is something we expect, especially before and during their first wash, it usually becomes less, but because they are sewn, not attached to your own head, they may shed more than your own hair.

How can I track my order? 

You will be notified once your order has been dispatched. The courier company will also contact you via SMS and email to let you know when your package will be delivered.

How long will shipping take?

If you place your order before 1pm on a business day, you will in most cases receive it the very next business day. Delivery to outlying areas can take up to 5 business days. Orders placed after 1pm on a Friday will be dispatched the following Monday.