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Troubleshooting ClipinHair Extensions 101

May 26, 2017 3 min read

Troubleshooting ClipinHair Extensions 101

Many clients have come to us with some of these issues, which aren't really issues at all. Here are a few tips and pointers on how to make your hair work for you:
1. My hair is shaved on the one side / I have an undercut:
Simply place your clipins on the unshaven part of your head and throw your hair over. Once your hair starts growing, you can attach them onto the new short hair and have your other hair fall over.
2. How do I select a shade when I have many highlights and lowlights:
Our most popular question:) You would just go for the dominant colour in your hair, and when in doubt - go for the darker colour.
(Secret tip: if you make lose curls towards your ends, the different colours blend more easily.)
3. I cannot find a shade that would match my hair and I would like the hair to be the exact colour of my own hair:
Although we do not recommend colouring the hair, having a lighter set made darker is a lot less harmful, than bleaching it. Alternatively, you could go for a shade lighter or darker and when clipped all over, it would create a soft, highlighted/ ombre' effect.
4. I only want 1 piece:
There are 8 wefts (pieces) in a set. Reason being, all 8 wefts will give you a full rounded, even and natural effect. You can play around with leaving a few out, if it looks natural, go for it! You could always then have two options of either having a more slicker effect with less, or adding all of the pieces for a good full effect.
5. My hair is so fine, what if the clips are visible?
Clip the pieces as low as possible to the back of your neck, so more hair falls over the clips to hide them. Or you could clip the wefts together, example, 3 weft attached to another 3 weft.
Leah, below, has very, very fine hair, and easily blends her extensions with her own hair.
6. The ends of my extensions are dry:
Remember the extensions are not attached to the cuticles on your head, meaning they do not receive the natural oils they need to survive. It is always good to do treatments on the extensions to put the oils back into the hair using Argan Oil and a Leave In treatment. Always use a soft brush to help minimise hair breakage. Depending on how old your set is, you may also have them trimmed by a stylist.
7. The Clipin Bangs are too long:
It is much better to have them longer as you can now cut them to suit the shape of your face and style to your preference.
8. Won't the hair slip out as they are just clips?
As long as they are securely clipped onto your hair, they will not slip out as the Snap Clips have silicone pieces on the inside to give that extra grip.
9. I have shortish hair, would I still be able to work the extensions?
Of course :) Just straighten your hair down to work the clipins. Another tip would be to have your ends razzored / texturized so your ends are softened. This way the stylist will not take any length off your own hair, just soften the ends. You can also clip your hair back with bobby pins underneath the clipins.

10. What is the difference between the 120g, 160g, 220g.
The thickness of the set you would need, would depend on the thickness of your hair. For fine hair the 120g would be perfect, for medium to thick hair you would go for the 160g and for thick hair, we do recommend the 220g. If you have fine hair, don't be afraid to play around with a thicker set for some extra volume.
Feel free to give us a shout if there is anything else you are unsure of!