Letting go of "The Mom Bob"

In her blog, "The adventure of Nikki and Nicholas, Baby Jordan, Micah and Banjoe the dog", creative genius and mama, Nikki Smal writes on why ClipinHair made her life easier, and she is no longer in need of "The Mom Bob".



Let’s face it, as a mom, I don’t have time or budget to maintain beautiful long blonde hair, as much as I have longed to make it work. A lot of women cut their hair when they have kids – it has been termed the ‘mom bob’ for a reason guys. It’s easier, quicker and cheaper and doesn’t require hours of highlights, haircuts, blow drying and styling. I also know a lot of women who have regretted cutting their hair short, I am one of them. Although my hair wasn’t ever mermaid long, I really missed being able to do braids and experimenting with all the different hairstyles that medium – long hair lends itself to.

Don’t get me wrong, I love short hair but ClipInHair has quite honestly been a dream into reality type of situation for me. I LOVE the diversity of being able to wake up and choose long beautiful beach blonde hair for the day.

I cannot tell you how wonderful it makes me feel. Not only do all my outfits now have a fresh new life and a new look but I feel feminine and I feel pretty.

I can finally do all the Pinterest braided hairstyles I never thought I would be able to achieve in a million years. Jordan couldn’t stop kissing me the first time he saw me wearing my ClipInHair. He told me that I looked like Elsa and that he was the prince. My mommy heart just about burst with rays of sunshine that day. SO cute.


From a logistical perspective I was initially worried about how long it would take me to put in my ClipInHair as I really don’t have all the time to faff with hair in the mornings. Alongside Nic we have two kids to get dressed and fed, school bags to pack and a bit of playtime to squeeze in there before we all go about our daily doings. In all complete honestly – I think it takes me about 10-15 minutes MAX to clip in my extensions from start to finish and to style it (bun, braid etc). I bet you didn’t expect that. It definitely took a bit longer the first three or so times but by the fourth time I had it completely waxed. I have a ClipInHair hanger that I clip my hair to when I am not wearing it so it keeps them unknotted and it’s brilliant for styling your extensions — that’s a sentence I know thought I’d say.


Jokes aside, in terms of styling your extensions – this little hanger is so convenient. It takes a fraction of the time to style when not on your head. Can we also just have a moment for the fact that you can actually heat style these extensions? I loosely curled my extensions before our annual Staff Christmas Party which was over a week ago and the extensions are still rocking a beachy wavey vibe. Amazing. You only have to wash your extensions every 10 wears, making them super convenient and a breeze to maintain.

ClipInHair has incredible tutorial videos here on their website which range from basic how to videos to different hairstyles you can achieve with you extensions. I am absolutely blown away with how real they look. I mean, they are made from real human hair but the colour match is SPOT on.


The ClipInHair store is just the most wonderful experience. Firstly, the store is absolutely beautifully styled with dusty pink, rose gold and soft feminine colours. Mish, one of the ClipInHair consultants and stylists was so so helpful and gave me tons of advice. There are many different colours of hair extensions in the range so I would have struggled to make the right decision alone.



ClipInHair offers a free colour match and demo to all of their clientele – all you have to do is book through their Facebook page or their website. Mish also took me through every single step of how to put in my extensions and I left feeling super confident and so excited to rock my new look. See my absolute favourite image below when I styled my hair with two thick braids and beachy waves.


A MASSIVE thank you to ClipInHair – you are amazing. Your client service is something else, all of your staff are so friendly and they evidently love what they do. I absolutely ADORE my extensions and I never want to live another day without them! x

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