Style Your Extensions How You Want

November 07, 2017 2 min read

Style Your Extensions How You Want

What’s the point of extensions if you can’t style them how you want? Your hair doesn’t look the same every day, and most people don’t want it to. Some days you may want beachy waves, others you may want it pin straight. Then there’s the never-ending possibility of up dos.

The creativity behind hair is why we love what we do, and it’s why we want to be sure you can style your extensions however you want.

To do this, we use human Indian hair – and it’s important to us that the hair is gathered ethically. We rely on the women in certain cultures in India who travel to the Holy Temples throughout the year. Once there, they shave their heads as a sacrifice to their gods. The temples sell us the hair to fund schools and orphanages in India.

So, with our extensions not only are you helping a great cause, but you’re also able to style your extensions at your pleasure because they are made with real human hair. Plus, human hair is easier to manage and style when compared to synthetic extensions.

However, with heat styling comes great responsibility.

It’s no secret that using hair tools that use heat – like flat irons, curling irons or blow dryers – aren’t that great for your hair. These tools will dry your hair, both natural and ClipinHair extensions, which is why it’s important to protect your hair before styling with heat.

Without using a good protective product on your hair before using heat, your hair will become dry and will knot more easily.

We personally use and recommend the REF Heat Protection Spray before you start to straighten, curl or blow dry your hair. The spray coats each hair strand with a protective layer to keep the heat from stealing all your hair’s moisture.

To use, you simply hold the spray about an arm’s length away from your head, spray all over the hair strands of hair you’re planning to style for about 3 seconds, and then brush it through with a soft bristled comb.

For extensions, follow the same instructions, but typically it’s best to style your extensions while they’re still hanging on their ClipinHair Carrier Hanger.

You can shop for the REF Heat Protection Spray and other hair products that will help keep your natural hair and extensions looking amazing on our products page.