New Year, New Hair

Ringing in the New Year is such a refreshing feeling. There’s nothing quite like hope and confetti to rejuvenate and inspire you to make changes and better yourself!

At ClipinHair, we love that the New Year is all about improving and growing as individuals, and even though some New Year’s resolutions don’t last long, we relish the opportunity to try something new. Of course, one of the things we love to change up most each year, is our hair.

We’re obsessing over stars who have recently chopped off their locks for edgy bobs, and it’s got us itching for a hair appointment. One of our favorite recent changes is our longtime hair crush Selena Gomez, who first wowed the world by getting a bob even although her long locks used to form such an integral part of who she is.


When you are a celebrity it’s very easy to cut of your hair the one day, and wear it long the next. The secret: Clip - in hair extensions, of course. With celebrities having access to their very own hair stylist on a daily basis, they can easily create basically any look they want, as long as they keep a few centimetres of their own hair, to hide the clips, when they wear extensions.

Ever noticed how one day Emily Ratajkowski would have bangs one day and no bangs the next? Guess what her secret is… Hint: it starts with clipin…


Now, if you’re considering making your own change to shorter hair for 2018, remember you can always transport yourself back to a long, flowing mane, with just the click of a (few) buttons. Clip in hair extensions, as opposed to permanent hair extensions, allow you to make big hair changes while knowing you still have the comfort of the option of long hair. In the past, you might have been nervous about making a big hair change, but now you can participate in New Year, New Hair with no reservations!

How you can win

We want to see what hair changes you’re making for the New Year. Take a before and after photo wearing your ClipinHair Extensions and post it online, telling us how your extensions are helping you make hair changes for 2018, and you’ll have the opportunity to win a hair care hamper as well as a set of Clipin Bangs worth over R 1 800.00.


Don’t forget to follow us, tag us in your caption and use the hashtag #clipin2018 in order to be considered!


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