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5 Steps to create a Romantic, Messy Pull-through-Braid

Want to create a style that is WOW, without looking like you put too much effort into it? Try this romantic pull through braid, that is all the rage right now. Perfect for a formal do, with some hair jewellery, and even more cute in your yoga pants when you pop out for some milk :)

1. Clip in your Extensions to create that wow factor for this look. (Even although Tia's roots are dark, the light blonde extensions blended in perfectly with her hair.) Make two little ponytails at the top, middle section of your head.


2. Loosely clip the second ponytail to the top of your head to get the hair out of the way. Divide the first ponytail into two sections so that the right section goes to the right and the left section goes to the left of the second ponytail's elastic band. Make a third ponytail with the two strands that joined.

3. Repeat step 2 all the way down. Don't worry, as soon as you get the hang of it, it becomes super easy.

4. Pull each strand outwards so that it becomes more loose and puffy. This creates that "messy hair don't care" look, we all want. This will also hide the elastics.

5. All done! You can play around with flowers, ribbons or hair jewellery. We used Baby's Breath flowers for the softer look.

Send us your pictures of you recreating this look and you could stand a chance to win your very own set of ClipinHair extensions! Remember to tag #clipinhair and #RomanticBraid when you upload your pictures.

We can't wait to see and share them!

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