How To: Beautiful Rope Braid Step by Step

How To: Beautiful Rope Braid Step by Step

We’ve all been there: you’ve just gotten done with a crazy day of work, you’re off to go meet your friends for dinner or out to meet a date, and you’ve got 10 minutes to fix yourself up.

By the time you’ve gotten dressed, touched up your makeup and spritzed some perfume you’re down to just a few short minutes for your hair, but something must be done. You’ve got some frizz from the day, your hair is looking limp and you need to do something easy that will look nice too.

This simple braid can be done in minutes with a number of different hair lengths. Plus, if you find braiding your own hair difficult, this is a much easier option.

Simply begin by taking two strands of the front of your hair right by your face. That’s right – only two strands. We told you it would be easier!


Pull the strand closest to your face over the other strand. Then, add more hair to the newest strand that is closest to your face, and pull it over the other strand.

Repeat this until you’ve added all the hair next to your face into the braid. You can pin it back with a few bobby pins and let the rest of your hair with your ClipinHair extensions cover them up!


The braid itself will take just a few moments depending on the length of your hair, and it’s a classy looking way to keep your hair out of your face for an evening out. It’s loose enough that you won’t be in pain by the end of the night with your hair tugging at your scalp and it won’t cause breakage.

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