7 Rules to Take the Perfect Selfie

Ever looked at a friend's selfie pic and wondered to yourself - how does she do it?! Well, it might be genes, but it also might be a little bit of practice. Let's face it, when you DO take a picture of yourself, it might as well be perfect, right, because who would post an image online where you look different to how you feel? We've compiled a short list of things you can take into account, next time you aim that camera at yourself.

1. Location, location, location.

Position yourself close to a window, when you take indoors. You want as much natural light as possible, it's softer on the skin, and gives you that warm glow. When you take outside, make sure you take with the sun behind your camera / phone. Yep, staring into the sun is not that much fun, so we recommend using sunnies or doing it as quickly as possible.



2. More Chins than a Chinese Phone Book?

Tuck your chin in and push your head forward. It might feel awkward AF and your friend standing next to you will think you are a giraffe, but on the picture you will look amazing.


(Image source: Google)


3. Confidence shows

You might not feel it, but tell yourself what an amazing human being you are. If you feel great, you look great.



4. Look at the birdie

Hold the camera slightly above your head. When you look up, your eyes appear larger, and fresh eyes look amazing. An added bonus is that you also appear slimmer - no harm in that :)



5. Dirty laundry?

Many people take selfies in their bedroom. Make sure your bed is made and your laundry is packed away. If the background is too busy, try blurring it out with apps like Facetune, Airbrush, VSCO, or Warmlight. That way the focus stays on you - like this beautiful picture of Mishqah against a busy background.



6. It's 2019

Extreme filters are very much 2017. Posting au naturelle is popular and pretty. Also, don't smooth out your skin so much that you look like a 5 year old. If smoothing out a few blemishes gives you a little more confidence to post that pic, it's OK, but less is more. If people can notice, you know you've taken it too far.


7. Wear sunnies

If you are worried that your make - up isn't camera ready, wear sunglasses. Obviously not when you are indoors, unless you are Kris Jenner.


(Image source: Google)

To sum it all up: look straight at the camera and just give your best smile. But whatever you do, don't ever, EVER make a duck face or pout - it just looks ridiculous.

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