DIY Hair Accessories perfect for Christmas!

DIY Hair Accessories perfect for Christmas!

Hair Plopping: All you need to know

Hair plopping in a nutshell is essentially the way you can achieve the same defined curls as you would with a diffuser but without the heat and now that we in the centre of summer - this couldn't have come at a better time!

Hair plopping has been around for a few years already but not everyone knows about it (how sad!) - so we want to get the word out there to all our curly and wavy hair friends on how to manage those dreamy curls ♥!


It's really really easy to do it and won't take you longer than a few minutes (before drying). Here's how..

Step 1:

Wash your lucious locks, fresh hair is the best way to do this. Besides, it needs to be wet.

Step 2:

Apply your favourite styling product for your curls. Any curl defining mousse or cream is perfect to help volumize those glamourous curls!

Step 3:

Spread a old and bigger sized long sleeve t-shirt or soft towel on a flat surface (I used my bed for this).

Step 4:

Flip your hair forward and gently lower your head down onto your towel or t-shirt so that the curls bundle up into each other. You want to make sure that your hairline meets the end of the shirt or towel.

Step 5:

Cover your head using the bottom section by folding it over to the nape of your neck. Then take the far end of the material and lift it back to meet the other section at the nape of your neck.

Step 6:

The final step is to secure the side pieces by rolling it up and twisting it around your head and securing it by either by tying it together with a hairband or knotting it together (should you be using a t-shirt) ... and that's that!

Your hair will be in a pocket gently bundled up in the towel or t-shirt. You know you done it correctly when it soft and poofy underneath the material- not held tight aginst your head.

Just wait for it to dry and voila! Beautiful, defined and frizz-free curls with a quick and simple method. This method works so well because your hair will dry without the air causing any havoc as it sets and lifting it above your head to dry = stunning volume!

Give this go and tell us what you think?! I tried it and I loved the results. Now it's your turn ladies

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