Trend Alert: Glitter roots is in!

Trend Alert: Glitter roots is in!

Sparkles, dazzle and all things bright - that's what glitter roots are made of... and we LOVE IT!

Who else hates those constant salon visits especially in the case of dying your hair a crazy colour (the maintenence is a killer!).

Now, instead of having to go in to touch up your faded roots - GLITTERIZE them!



The How-To's:

It's quite simple to do. Create a path where you would like the glitter to be. Apply some hair wax (make sure it's a light kind that doesn't go white when applied) and then reach in your craft drawer and glitter it up. It's up to you to decide whether you would love it to be thick or thin lines of glitter. Just picturing how gorgeous your Clipinhair Extensions look with glitter roots is dream worthy ♥♥♥



The Pro's:

It's the easiest way to cover up your faded roots or even revamping your hairstyle with some serious sparkle that is sure to WOW. Oh and yes, it's temporary of course.



The Con's:

Make sure your job or school allows it, as it takes awhile to wash out and while we on the topic of washing it out - prepare to get glitter EVERYWHERE. Proceed with caution - it will take awhile to wash out.



The Biggest Pro:

How beautiful does it look?! If you dare trying this look, you are bound to be the envy of everyone! Be brave and glitter on beauties ♥










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