6 Tips to Get Your Summer Glow On!

6 Tips to Get Your Summer Glow On!

For all you Summer Lovers, here are some easy tips to get that gorgeous glow and be impeccably beautiful, naturally! ♥

Here are 6 vital, fabulous tips:

Face Bronze Powder Balls:


Get some soft powder bronze balls from any beauty shop and bronze away over your skin and neck, this will enhance your features and your skin will shine beautifully.


2. Seven Foods for Glowing Skin:


It is incredible how so many foods from the earth have so many great benefits to our bodies and we do not even realise it! After seeing these points you will feel even better when eating these!!


Not only is watermelon so delicious and perfect on those scorching hot days, it is made up of mostly water which hydrates your body. With it being rich with vitamin C it also helps your body to absorb Iron which assists in preventing fatigue.


Time to replace those sweeties with BERRIES girls! Frozen or fresh, they are so flavoursome, who needs bad sugars? The SECRET of berries...they are also loaded with fibres which make you feel fuller (and eat less- hehe-shhhh) all the antioxidants can also protect your skin from harmful UV rays.


Who knew pineapples can help with sunburn?!? The anti-inflammatory enzyme called bromelain in pineapples help reduce sunburn, so drink up or eat up!


Grapefruit, lemons, oranges and lime have so much Vitamin C and amino acids (built of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen) which adds to producing collagen. Collagen you say? Collagen holds the whole body together, so you can never have too much citrus!!



With being made up of mainly water, having cucumber is perfect for hydrating your body and skin.


Lycopene stimulates the production of collagen and tomato’s have tons! Such a great aid to help fight wrinkles as well!


Everyone knows avos are rich in Vitamin C and E but did you know it helps protect your skin cells and this helps prevent aging!!


3. Feed Your Hair:


Even though our hair receives natural oils every day, it is great to give your hair a boost with Argan Oil or Coconut Oil. This is very good for your Clipinhair Extensions as the Clipins do not receive any of our natural oils.

Give your hair and extensions that instant healthy shine with REF sulfate-free Shine Spray. This Argan Oil infused spray evenly distributes product, giving you a gorgeous glossy look , without leaving your hair and extensions feeling weighed down.

This all-natural oil is the rescue to dry/damaged/flyaway hair you’ve been looking for! The 100% Argan oil treatment penetrates the shaft of the hair follicle, which allows it to repair damage, nourish, hydrate and strengthen your hair. Your hair will be looking and feeling healthier after just one use!


4. Skincare- Hydrate, Hydrate, HYDRATE!!


Being under the sun is revitalizing, however it can also be draining, so be sure to always use sunscreen as well as keep your face and body hydrated with applying lotion every morning and evening ladies. The recommended amount of glasses of water to drink a day is 8, so drink up! :)


5. For the Blondes:


To complete your look, get your 100% Human Remy Indian, Clipinhair extensions!

Silver Blonde
Platim Blondnue
Light Blonde
Beach Blonde
Caramel Blonde
Strawberry Blonde
Toffee Blonde


6. For the Brunettes:


Complete your look, get your 100% Human Remy Indian, Clipinhair Extensions!

Chestnut Brown
Chocolate Brown
Dark Brown
Off Black
Jet Black


Now there you go, 6 simple tips that are not such a secret after all :)

Anyone can have long, shiny, amazing hair and stunning, glowing skin!!

Remember if you are not sure of your Clipinhair colour, just pop us an email with a photo of your hair outside in natural light to info@clipinhair.co.za and our hair expert will assist you with choosing a colour that will blend in beautifully with your hair! ♥

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