Hocus Pocus Time!

Hocus Pocus Time!

It is that time of the year again, when we pull out all our, ‘I’ll wear it one day’, clothing and create a spooky - oh but always intriguing - Halloween outfit!!

Here are some gripping, unchallenging dress up idea’s for you! Go big, or go home, right?!? ♥


Purple Hair, complemented with Eye Candy:


Add quite a few drops of Gentian Violet to your shampoo and have purple hair in seconds, with no mess! For a very bright, intense purple, add more Gentian Violet - The brighter you make your hair, the more washes it will take to rinse out :)


Now sprinkle some of that fairy dust, glitter or diamonds to your eyes and see how your purple hair POPS!

Mermaid Hair:


Create crazy, striking colours with our easy to apply Hairchalk that washes out in just a few washes!! A definite YES for a beaning hot Halloween look!

Get your Hairchalk here!
Or just add a few of our exciting Colour Strips that just clip in!


Puuuur-dy Kitty:


Liquid Eye Liner - check

Clipins - check

Bobby Pins- check

Feel purrdy with this simple to do kitty make up and little buns, or teezed hair on either side of your head to create little ears!


Enchanting Reindeer:


Want to go for that spellbinding, adorable look?

Grab a few twigs to add in your voluminous Clipinhair do’s with this pretty deer make up, one look at you and they will be hooked!

Skull - Up Your Hair:


It’s all in the accessories, and a must -try is a long pony tail, wrapped around a skeleton!!

Get your Clipin Ponytail to add length and thickness to yours!

Beauty and the Beast:


Frighteningly beautiful make up, with breath taking hair? I’d say this is the winner for Halloween this year!! Get your Clipinhair extensions to really give that sexy, sinistrous factor!

- See more at: http://www.clipinhair.co.za/blog/view/Hocus-Pocus-Time#sthash.JvK5k5EH.dpuf
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