Trend alert: Rainbow Hair is so hot right now

Trend alert: Rainbow Hair is so hot right now

With the weather heating up, sunnies becoming mandatory and finally a good enough excuse to rock your favourite pair of shorts - it's finally the perfect time to get crazy with your hair colour (if the job allows of course). Rainbow hair is trending everywhere, with our favourite celebs and models going bold and stepping out with bold hair colours.

The beauty of the Rainbow Hair trend is that there is more than one way to pull it off and it gives you the option to choose the method that is perfect for YOU. We found 7 really great ways to get onto the Rainbow Hair express way... just in time for your next salon appointment! (hint hint, nudge nudge)

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The Colombre Hair Trend is exactly as you reading it - A colour ombré. Instead of your usual dark to light ombré effect, this style goes from dark to colour! The fade from solid to a fesitval (or even just one) stunning colour is a great way to get your Rainbow Hair!

P.S If you not brave enough to dye your hair, opt for either our stunning Hairchalk for a temporary rainbow fix or our stunning Teal Ombré or Pink Ombré set of Clipinhair Extensions!


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The Galaxy Hair trend is absolutely surreal! Think of the never ending stars in outer space and all that mystery - then get your hair to match it! This Rainbow Hair trend is a mixture of blue, purple, pink and green colours in a beautiful swirl to mimic the gorgeous night sky and it is EVERYTHING. ♥


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The Oil Slick Hair Trend is for all my brunettes out there. Going from a darker hair tone to a lighter hair tone is probably the most nerve wrecking thing but who doesn't want to try Rainbow Hair? Celebritity colourist Aura Friedman, of Sally Hershberger Salon came up with this really amazing idea to try and recreate the colours reflected from the sun on an oil spill on the ground (hence the name). Mixes tones of purple and green recreates this stunning look and no bleaching is needed! Purple and green are one of those colours that take well on darker hair - so this is perfect! Oh and yes, our Hairchalk works stunningly on dark hair too!


4 ♥

The Opal Hair Trend is literally turning your hair into a gemstone and it is perfect! ♥ Using soft pastel pinks, blues and purples - this soft Rainbow Hair trend is perfect for light to platinum blondes. With each flick of your hair, a new colour can shine through and it is SO PRETTY!


5 ♥

The Sand Art Hair Trend is such a throwback to years gone by (oh how time flies!). Remember those little jars and the colour sand you used to get as kids and you would layer the sands one by one to create a colour rainbow effect - well this Rainbow Hair trend is exactly that... just on your head! Each section of hair is coloured differently to create this kaleidoscopic effect. Never has a throwback looked this good ♥.


6 ♥

The Spilt Dye Hair Trend is for the braver one's amoungst us and we salute you! By dividing your hair in the middle, this look is created by dying each side a different shade. Who said you can't get the best of both worlds??


7 ♥

The Tied Dyed Hair Trend is fairly new and seriously fab! This look is created in the same way you would tie dye normally - by sectioning off the hair with pieces of cloth a few times down the length of your strands and then going crazy by adding whichever colour you would like and when you untie the pieces, you've created a cool new pattern in your hair!

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